Guarding the Portal

Amazon Sold Out in the UK

Thank you London! (and all over UK, obviously!) I can’t believe it… I saw the Tweet earlier today that Amazon UK is out of stock… that is amazing! (But not yet at the U.S. Amazon store!)

I know from looking at the website and newsletter stats what incredible fans we have in London and all over the UK. I can’t thank you enough… I hope you are enjoying the website, and I know you will enjoy the book when you finally get it. We need to do a celebratory photowalk over there eh? !!

[EDIT – I understand it is sold out in Canada too. Thanks cool Canadiens!]

My article on Scott Kelby’s Blog “Being an Artist Sucks. Being an artist is awesome.”

I wrote this long piece recently for Kelby’s blog. I’d like to thank RC Conception for helping to make this happen. It gave me a great chance to write a longer-format piece. I think there are many people here that will find it of use, perhaps. Please drop your comments over there on Kelby’s blog, and I’ll be sure to read them!

Daily Photo – Guarding the Portal

I really wanted to see what was on the other side of these little doors. I imagined scenes from “The Fall” inside there (has anyone seen that movie??). I tried to negotiate with this gentleman, but he just bobbed his head like he didn’t understand. I would have offered him my own shoes, but I left them on the other side of the temple with a young boy.

I never got inside, but we did exchange some pleasant conversation, even though we never really understood a single word.

Guarding the Portal

  • fantastic photo!

  • Perfect! I love the symmetry.

  • Great article.

  • Congrats on the scott kelby post!

  • I love your photos with people in it !

  • Nice post with Scott Kelby.

  • Great photo, Trey!!!! Wow, congrats on how fast your book is selling!!!!!! WTG, to you and the publisher!!

  • Loved your article on Kelby’s blog. Thanks again for your hospitality Monday night in NYC.

    Sorry your son didn’t win the pinewood durby. Maybe next year. Some good information online to make the car go faster.

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey – cool little story too! Scott’s blog article was great!

  • Thanks all! Appreciate it…

    Alan – it was good meeting you in NYC – thank you for coming!

  • Facebook User

    I must agree, I think the fans in the UK deserve a special Stuck In Customs photowalk to celebrate the success of the book.

    There may be one or two photo ops in and around London – who knows…

  • Rasekh

    Does this mean Canada gets a photo walk too? Come to Toronto!


  • Sarisha

    Trey you said you would come visit the north country sometime. There is life and great shooting north of Montana and the 49th. You should really see it.

    Although Toronto is great the west is better 😉

  • I know I know… I need to hit Canada too! I’ve only been to Vancouver…. and that doesn’t seem like enough, does it? I want to come! 🙂

  • I had my fiance pre-order the book for Christmas. She said that it shipped so I am lucky. I agree with Sarisha. I could round up a ton of my photo friends for a meeting with you Trey. Alberta is beautiful!

  • That movie is awesome!!! 🙂 And congrats for selling out.

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