Tokyo from the Air

Book Pre-Orders, About a Week Left

We are cutting off all book pre-orders for “A World in HDR” in about a week at 11:59 PM on December 6.  After that, of course you can still get the book, but all the signed Limited Edition Numbered prints will be taken off the market forever.  And yes… this is all exciting, because it means we are shipping soon!

Daily Photo – Tokyo from the Air

Wow this city is amazing.  I have to go back soon!

I found one of the tallest buildings and scooted my way around inside until I found an elevator to the top.  On the way up, I was lucky to be on a glass elevator.  I was as shocked as you when I saw that soccer field on top of a building!  How cool!  I’d love to get up there and play around with those guys.  If you’d like to see the details there, or anywhere else, be sure to see the original sized version.  You can find that by following the photo to the Flickr site, clicking on “All Sizes” and then “Original”.

Tokyo from the Air

  • Amazing as always!

  • I think you mean Dec. 6 for the book cut-off date … huh?

  • Frauke

    The diagonal crosswalk is great. And so neatly striped ;D

  • Beautiful job. I love seeing all the little details you bring out in this. The masters subtle touch. And its fun to do!

  • Wow, beautiful photo of a cityscape, Trey!! You can see all the colorful signs and ads. And when you look at the original photo, you can see other recreational cites being constructed. One building has a pool on top, it looked like. And who would have dreamed of playing soccer way up there, lol!! Bet they are out there in the summer enjoying themselves on the top of a lot of those buildings!!! Great job, thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Hiya Trey

    Reminds me of this one I took earlier this year in Dubai. It was from the 46th floor where I was lucky enough to be staying.[email protected]/3590408508/sizes/l/
    Great image as ever.

    Cheers Nigel

  • That is cool. What a creative way to make extra space in a city.

  • casusan

    Super shot Trey – the original is so detailed – and no I’ve never seen a soccer field on a roof before!

  • Thanks!

    Daryl- oops you are right – I don’t know what I was thinking!

  • The photo looks so surreal Trey. Especially the details of the building which has people playing soccer on the top of the building… (???? did i see it right?).

  • Trey – awesome capture. It’s like a where’s Waldo of Tokyo, could look at this for days. Especially like the soccer/football pitch.

  • Awesome! I think I need one of those wide angle lenses for Christmas! Gives the full feel of looking out of the window – something I used to do for hours when I was a kid. Just watching the traffic and the people moving around on the street.

  • That is so freaking AWESOME!!! When I clicked your tweet for the link my jaw dropped and I just went, “WOW!!!!” Not just the view, but the way you processed it makes it so incredible – and that’s not just the beer talking! 😉

  • Kevin Carroll

    Great image Trey-san!

    Maybe shot from the top of the Excel Hotel in Shibuya?

  • Roy Meuronen

    Yes, definitely Shibuya Excel Hotel. I stayed there for a few days in June. I have similar photos, but not from the roof, and not as cool as Trey’s. 🙂

  • Jack Rice

    Cracking shot, everything seems to work so well together, and those clouds in the distance! brilliant, bet you had a great time masking all those people are traffic? XD Though also getting to see closely all those beautiful little details, fantastic.

  • I want to be lost in that photo somewhere.

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