A View from the Ranch in Argentina and Guest Hosting on This Week in Photography

HDR Workshop Update

In less than 24 hours, you can register for the HDR Workshop! At last count, after the announcement a few days ago, we had over 130 responses. There are going to be 12 spots available when registrations open, so you’ll have to be fast! Be sure to check back on the HDR Workshop page just after midnight CST on Friday, November 13th (to be exact, in case you are confused by midnight, the midnight between Thursday and Friday!).

Guest Hosting on This Week in Photography – The technique reveal

I was honored to be invited to guest host TWIP on Monday by Frederick Van. There is a live version of the show where perhaps you saw me in video action! If not, now it is available for audio-download. You can get TWIP Episode 115 here. I had a great time – and I thank Joseph, Ron, and Frederick for humoring me… I think I could talk to those guys all day and geek out on photography!

I revealed that video technique which a clever commenter coined “Stuck In Motion“. I put ALL the information there on that link. It should tell you everything, in addition to what you hear on the show. The original video posting gathered over 240 comments, speculation, and more. I think it’s fantastic how people guessed, poked, and prodded. Experimentation is great!

My friend RC Conception chimed into the chat, and I hijacked his question as an opportunity to talk about HDR not being a fad. Hehe… Anyway, you guys should also check out the great RC on Layers TV if you want to learn some new tricks in the Adobe suite of products.

Daily Photo

I’ve always heard about how wonderful it is to have a ranch near the wine country in Argentina. But not until I was down there did I really find that out in person. The idea of walking across a ranch during the nether hours of the day and seeing something like this… well… it kind of makes me want to just go ahead and retire down there. All I need is broadband and these kind of vistas… that’s the life, eh? I hope I was able to adequately capture the majesty of that place with this photo.

A View from the Ranch in Argentina and Guest Hosting on This Week in Photography

  • outstanding shade of blue.. ! i once dated a guy with eyes that blue.. oh yea. what an amazing backdrop..(and she reaches for her macallan on the rocks.. )

  • That is an awesome photo, Trey! It looks so peaceful, but then again, those jagged peaks in the distance appear ominous. Is there a word to describe such a scene (combination of peaceful and ominous)?

  • Sometimes when we go place like this..its like we want to move there..wake-up in the morning with a nice view and atmosphere….sat down and relax…turn on the laptop..but then..OMG..no internet!!

  • Gratsiela

    Well, how can you go at a different place every day and make so beautiful photos! 😛

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Nice photo, as always.

    Now down to the serious stuff. Just listened to your interview “Stuck in Motion” – Brilliant, at last the explanation.
    It’s incredible that you were able to do this on a piece of kit that costs only €600 here in France,
    Thanks for explaining the process as well.
    I’ve always wanted to do a short video clip with slow motion, like those car adverts, where a sports car is being driven along a twisty mountain pass, or a twisty road next to ocean, and just as the car approaches the camera, it’s all in slow motion just until it passes and then BBBBBrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm back to 24fps, i think you get the idea trey.

    I think that’s going to add a few sales to casio’s bottom line.

    All the best


  • Beautiful place to retire to, as the photo shows ;-)!! You can just imagine looking out from your cozy living room with a fireplace blazing and seeing those mountains and huge rock formations!! A little different view than what we have here in the Bitter Root Valley. Not as stark as down in the Andes. I love looking at all the different rock formations in Montana as we travel around the state. Every kind you can imagine!! Great photo, Trey. Thanks for sharing!!

  • You could go wild taking photos of a place like that.

  • Wow, this is really something. The peaceful feeling and ruggedness at the same time.

  • Thanks!

    Mike – glad you liked the interview and found it informative… hope you have fun with it!

  • Does this mean your not going to retire on the super yacht?

    Beautiful place, I could wander there for hours and marvel at the splendor.

  • casusan

    Oh wow this is great – soooo beautiful – yes, looks like a great place to retire except for the internet thing!

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  • Jack Rice

    Need to catch up with my commentings :3

    An almost surreal photograph this one, the seemingly unsaturated and limited palet of the bottom half of this image, and then looming behind it, juxtaposed, those peaks arise. Very impresive, almost as if the mountainous part has been Photoshopped on, amazing.

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