Stuck In Motion, the next video, listen to the technique live on This Week in Photography

Announcement – Join us Live!

EDIT: It has been revealed… you can see everything on the “Stuck In Motion” page here on the site. Enjoy!

I’ll be live on This Week in Photography tomorrow (Monday) at 11 AM PST (1 PM CST). Frederick Van used his powers of persuasion and is getting me to reveal the whole method there on the show.

You can tune in and watch the live video on After this live show, it will be turned into the weekly podcast that will go out on Wednesday. I’ll link there too when it is ready, if I remember. (remind me, I’m getting old).

What? You don’t listen to TWIP? It’s a great weekly podcast. I recommend it! But, this time, be sure to watch it live, or else you’ll have to wait until Wednesday for the how-to!

Be sure to also follow Fred on Tweet him – he’s nice!

The First Video of The Moments Between

This got a great response – I was so surprised! Thanks for all the comments and name suggestions. People (and me) seemed to like the name “Stuck In Motion”.  It works good enough I think!

I really like how many people guessed, experimented, and tried to do it. I talk a lot about that in the book — how important experimentation is in the photographic process. I hope that those that experimented figured out some new things!

New Video – The Moments Between. Episode 2: The Kids

A great way to use this technique is to capture your family in a new way. Now, if you are like me, then you don’t get much of a kick out of seeing OPK (other people’s kids!), but, imagine this with your own family or those close to you. Let me talk a little here about the way memory works, at least, to me!

We live life a certain speed. We are only immediately, consciously aware of about 30 frames per second. However, our brain does not record and react at 30 frames per second. It can do a lot more than that.

Our brains record memories like tiny fantastic movie reels, networked together by feelings, associations, and experience. As a photographer, I always have to remind myself that the brain does not store memories like a computer stores JPGs. We DO NOT take millions of snapshots and file them away. Nor do we take hour-long TiVo recordings of the day and store them for later retrieval. The truth is somewhere in between — fleeting thoughts of moments that grabbed you and will never leave.

We do certainly sense the world at greater than 30 frames per second. You know by experience that you can pick up on the micro-emotions that appear on people’s faces when you talk to them in person. You lose a lot of that over TV or Webcams. Those means can suffice, but, given the choice, in person is always better. Case in point, I’d wager to say some of your deepest memories were experienced in person rather than on TV or over a webcam, which take an arbitrary 30 (or 24) slices of time.

  • Jack Rice

    I remember watching the first video when it was released and thinking how interesting it was, capturing relatively mundain things or events, yet in a way that was far more stimulating that would’ve otherwise been, and also wondering actually how it was done.

    This one continued on a similar note, and as well as the adorability factor, the capturing of those little family moments in this way does really seem to give them an extra life and interest. And of course, I can’t deny I liked the soundtrack XD.

    I look forward to finding out how you work this technique of shooting video, sure to be an interesting video/podcast.

  • I love TWIP and what a treat that you (Trey) will be on this week… so cool! I cannot wait for the SECRET NEWSLETTER, do tell!


  • I’ll be watching, Trey. Say hi to Steve Simon for me. 🙂

  • Rod Cole

    Wow, this is much sooner than I had expected. I will definitely tune in.

  • Cool! Guess I better make sure I resubscribe to TWIP.

  • Thanks for creating Episode 2. It will be really nice to see how its all done. Maybe its an excuse to upgrade 😉

  • Ha! Now I know how you did it, the second one tells much clearer 🙂
    Let’s see if I got it right on Monday.

  • Facebook User

    some of us cnt watch the live show due to time hopefully u have a video uploaded so we can hve a look at it later..rather than an audio only podcast

  • Thanks for the heads up on the video in the newsletter Trey. Got my Touch set to remind me. Will you be in Chicago for the book event? I look forward to that. (Big fan of your stuff)

  • Cool thanks!

    Alex – Steve Simon won’t be there! For shame… the show will be rudderless without him!

    Bruce – You have revealed one of the sweet secrets of the newsletter! 🙂 hehe… (yes of course I will be there)… and SEE what all you other that DON’T get the newsletter are missing ??? hehe

  • david

    makes a standard video look pretty bland. i have always like ultra slow motion. love the t-shirt from bozeman, msu is my alma mater, on your son. look forward to the webcast.

  • casusan

    Cool video Trey – can’t wait till tomorrow – will tune in at 11 my time! Way to go!

  • Facebook User

    The video is really nice but I liked the first one a lot better – not because these are OPK (it was the same for me in the other video) but the other one was focused on a variety of things while this is a few people only. The range was just wider in the 1st video.
    I really hope the show tonight will be available as download / stream for later since I can’t watch… it will be 8 a.m. tomorrow if I got this right and I am working then.

  • Noah

    Seeing your second video now really makes me want to learn this technique! Especially seeing it with kids and such and it would be great to video(not sure if that’s what is) my family and kids this way. I look forward to hearing more!

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