Halloween Every Day in Tokyo – Harajuku on Parade

Like any big city, Tokyo has many huge neighborhoods, each with their own personality. One of the quirkiest is an area called “Harajuku”. I don’t know if I can accurately describe it, but I’ll try!

It’s a place where the most outrageous of the outrageous congregate. You’ve probably seen those Japanese people that like to dress up like anime characters and the like. Well that’s kind of the starting point. It goes onward from there, with everything from girls covered in pink frills to goth men wearing gas masks. In fact, in that little video I made, you can see a pair of legs/shoes in differing colors that I shot in Harajuku. This guy below was with a group of extreme rockers that were parading around the streets. They all seemed to love having their photo taken… which was cool. I could have gone to that place every day to take photos… I’ve got some other crazy ones in the hopper too for the future!

Halloween Every Day in Tokyo - Harajuku on Parade

  • ooooo…. By far the best Portrait I have seen!!!! Is this HDR too???

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey! Looks like a fun place to visit!

  • I was expecting an interesting shot of people dressed up in character not someone’s tongue sticking out.

  • bitchy 🙂

  • bonsoir,
    Funny expression..great composition, focus and lightness..bravo!

  • Facebook User

    I like the portrait. Cool moment.

    Speaking of Japan: You ARE planning to make another one of those movies, yeh? I’d love it!

  • Thanks

    Sathya – no – not HDR… just a few other treatments…

    Facebook User – Yes – many more videos for sure!

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