The Dirt Road to the Nuclear Blast Site (And onOne Plugin Suite 5 avail)

I felt lucky to have a wild sunset in Yellowstone! I’ve probably been to Yellowstone 5 or 6 times, and you never know what you’ll get! This night was perfect… I had woken up early, so I was tired by mid-afternoon.. I took a catnap in my car and woke up to see the sun was going down in less than an hour! So, I looked at my map and figured out some good spots to go. While walking down this little dirt road, I thought the sky was too perfect to ignore, so I set up for a quick shot!

Also, I got a note from Patrick at onOne software. Their new Plugin Suite 5 is avail! Cool! I use their plugins a lot with my photos. Although I haven’t done a full review, I did review Genuine Fractals, which is part of their suite. I understand that the “STUCKINCUSTOMS” code will save you 20% on all their products. Whenever I have time to write the full review, I will!

The Dirt Road to the Nuclear Blast Site

  • Jacques (forofreq on flickr)

    What a blast! Reminds me of the genie cloud you posted in the past.

  • Right place, right time. Magic as always.

  • Good sunset. I don’t care for the way the bushes on the right turned out though.

  • Jeremy

    Hi Trey. Great photo as usual. Have a look at this presentation on social media at
    You will definitely be very interested in slide 103.

  • Tromat

    Impressive, it really looks like a blast !

  • The sun light remind me of a japanese heavy metal group name Loudness in the early 80’s….cool HDR as usual

  • Glad you woke up in time to get this photo, Trey!!!! Just beautiful. The bushes on the right are sagebrush and that is how they look. And the big cloud at the back sure does look like a mushroom from a bomb!!!! Amazing capture of the sunset in one of my favorite places, Yellowstone!!!! Here we live so close and you see it more often then we do, lol. But that’s what happens when you retire and become involved in your community, joining several organizations, getting to busy, and wondering how you had time to work!!! Thanks for sharing, Trey, great job once again!!!

  • Thanks all!

    Gail- yes – time always finds a way to fill itself up! 🙂

  • Brad Truxell

    Awesome shot Trey. I love the rays of light coming out of the cloud

  • casusan

    Absolutely beautiful sunset Trey – the road to it looks inviting!

  • Trey,

    Thanks again for sharing with us your work flow. I always love looking at sunsets that include rays of light going through clouds. I came to Texas from Tucson Arizona. Tucson is home to the Sonoran Desert which is probably the most beautiful desert on earth. If you ever get a chance to go to Arizona make sure to visit Tucson.

  • It’s really spectacular!!!! Love the colors!

  • Deb

    this picture is so good I cannot think of words to say how much I like it. Great job, as always. Thank you.

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