The Treetop Temple Protects Kyoto

I’m just finishing up almost two weeks in Japan, and it has been an amazing trip! Usually I try not to start posting shots until the trip is at its close, and this is the first.

While there, I spent time all over the country. I got a rail pass and just jumped on the bullet train to take me from one remote spot to another. I ended up with a few days in Tokyo to do my best to capture the city. I’ll be posting photos from the trip throughout the next few weeks, months, and years, as usual. I hope this is a new line of photographs that will be interesting to you.

Photographed here is the Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto. The city is known for its traditional Japanese architecture, slower-paced life, natural beauty, graceful geishas, and zen peacefulness. I probably could have stayed in Kyoto capturing scenes the entire trip. I remained here until the sky turned black, and then I headed back down some winding streets to find an old small restaurant where the food was mysterious and every course was served with a gentle bow.

The Treetop Temple Protects Kyoto

  • Rounda

    Just Beautiful! You Take Amazing Photos! You Are Truly Talented! I Love All Your Work <3 This Shall Be My New Desktop Backround Thanks and Keep Up The Amazing Work ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love From Toronto x

  • Just a fantastic shot. Love those deep, rich greens.

  • Amazing. Usually I will look at the photos each day and say, that looks great, but i forget about it very quickly. This photo however, has got me hooked. I love beautiful greens, and in this you have captured some incredible ones! The softness of the photo makes it almost a fantasy and the glow on the roof and outdoor area, stunning. This is by far my favourite picture from you and I intend to keep this as my desktop for sometime to come. Thanks for this inspirational shot.

  • Vicky

    great photo, art and skill. You are a great guy sharing this superb work with us

  • Nigel

    Now that looks like one great place. Love the orange light from the temple and the bright light on the leaves in the foreground. Reminds me of a place I once stayed in Belize with little rooms up in the tree’s. Keep up the good work Trey.

  • Jacques

    Very nice one. I really like the glow of light on top of the tree cover, as well as the blue sky.

  • Love the color.

  • Japan is a very beautiful country and got lots of nice places especially for HDR Photography. Sometimes HDR photo give a creepy feelings.

  • Trey, Konichi-wa!! hope you are enjoying Japan! If you can…we you get back to Tokyo…have dinner at a Korean Barbeque restaurant!! So delicious!!! There is a nice one located at the main train station in Shinjuku…if I can recall 4th floor. Order the beef….my favorite meal in Japan! The beef is marinated to perfection! Getting me hungry already!! LOL Enjoy! Sayonara! Pete

  • Facebook User

    Another place that I’ve wanted to visit (Japan that is, though sounds like it would have to focus on Kyoto) and yet again you give me more reasons to visit Trey.

    Wish I could get the same blue sky in the UK at dusk without massive amounts of light spill/pollution. Any thoughts? I’ve already considered “leave the UK” too.

  • Facebook User

    Trey, this is amazing
    What a waste my phd in engineering has been
    In a a few years i will retire and just travel the world and take amazing photos

  • Harry

    I love the photo! I used to live in Japan for a number of years (now living in Australia) and Kiyomizu-dera is one of my favourite places!

    Great photo, I hope you enjoyed your trip!

  • Rod

    Trey, this is quite possibly my favorite photo of yours ever. Well done. well setup and shot. Just extremely well done.

  • Frauke

    This is great. I want a home in a tree just like this and then I will invite you to come and take a picture of it – well, you can take pics of my house now, but they will not be as interesting to others. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • casusan

    Wow! An all time favorite of yours – and that’s saying alot! Soooo beautiful and gorgeous – excellent job Trey!

  • LOVE the colors! Such a beautiful photo, AWESOME!!!

  • Jill Baxter

    It has already been said in the comments above. A truly amazing picture. Reminiscent of the land of Rivendell and Lochlorion(spell?). Would love to live high in the tree tops surrounded by such lush emerald greens and soft glows.

  • I love Kyoto. Wonderful photo! I hope you captured some of the “sizzle” of the city, as it is a hot spot in Japan.

  • Vince Cardillo

    It is my dream to visit Japan.

  • Suzanne

    Trey, Magnificent, i am amazed at the talent God has given you through your lens. Tranquil. Hi to all your precious family.
    Love, Suzanne

  • Rasekh

    Hey Trey! I’ve discovered your site a few months ago and have been a regular visitor since. Awesome work on this one…its sums up a kind of “past meets future” vibe for me ..

    I had a quick question (probably not a quick answer!)…how did you get that amazing lighting and tone on the roof? I’m guessing the a mix between moonlight and stuckincustoms postprocessing magic. Either way, its magical!

  • Anthony Roby

    Trey – quick question. How do you find time to go to all of these places and tour around? I thought you had a game company to run? Or is travel photography now a full time endeavour?

    Great photo – I have to go there!


  • Thank you all very much! That’s really great you like it as much as I do!

    Anthony – the game company is run by a full management team. I am sort of the creative guy that founded it… but now it is filled with all kinds of creative people. I spend most of my time there and I try to be a force of good. This trip to Japan was only about 2 weeks… I do vacation like a Franchman, however.

    Rasekh – thanks! Well – the lighting is all natural… you know I don’t paint on top or anything… these colors are all there.

    Suzanne – thanks!

    Ben – thanks – glad you like the look of this one…

    Again, I appreciate ALL the nice comments – good to hear you dig it!

  • Trey
    tried to Register at the HDR Spotting site, is there a way to do that. Clicked the Register link without luck. Any hints?


  • Hey there – the register link should work now — but it currently requires a special invite code while in beta testing. There is a place there you can email your info in to maybe grab a spot.

  • Realy great picture. Last Year i’ve seen this temple. Your site ist great.


  • Anirban Chatterjee

    Kiyamizu Dera!!!!! Ur shots of Japan is bringing back lots of memory of my stay there…I definitely miss that place…here is my take of the same…

  • i do love my new desktop wallpaper. your work is amazing. thank you for sharing so generously! and take more pictures of fireworks, please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Trey, this is amazing!!!
    If you come to Kyoto again, let’s go drink beer!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Facebook User

    Great treatment!

  • It gets hard to get people to worry about warming when they are worried about frost bite.

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