A Zen Moment Above the Fog

This is from an awesome monument in Indonesia called Borobudur. There are about five ways to spell this temple, at least when I spell it. But, you get the general idea.

I’ve re-mastered this one by using the textures from the Textures Tutorial. This one is actually featured in the video. I have a non-textured version of this which is also interesting… and I think I explain in the video that the use of these textures doesn’t necessarily make something “better”, but what it does do is make something else that is equally satisfying in a different way. So then, at the end, you have two photos, rather than one, each one different and nice in its own way (if that makes sense!).

A Zen Moment above the Fog

  • Great picture!
    AFAIK the generic term for such monuments is Stuppa or Stupa.
    I’d be interested to see the non-textured version, too.

  • No prob — btw, you can click on any of the tags or categories on the right to see other photos from that area — http://www.stuckincustoms.com/2008/09/25/as-the-light-changes-in-indonesia/

  • I have your textures and tutorial. It’s very clear after seeing your approach and trying it out on some of my images. Thx

  • casusan

    Cool one Trey!

  • Thanks for the link to the alternative version!
    It’s hard to tell which one I like more – they are both great in their own way.

  • Trey, this is pretty cool.

    I agree with your reasoning that one is not better. Essentially, you’ve got 2 images for, potentially, different viewers. What is really interesting to me is that HDR already has a more artistic feel. Even through I could argue that HDR is more realistic yet more artistic at the same time. Others may say that it looks like garbage.

    That’s why HDR Photography is so freaking awesome. If everybody like it, it wouldn’t be so cool.

    Anyways, by adding the texture, you’ve created this impressionist version. I have this weird feeling thats exactly what you want. Now, imagine this textured image in a living room. It’s much more artistic and in the style of impressionism than HDR photography or photography. Especially if you print this on an canvas. Hot sex.

    I havn’t got to see your video or anything. I can’t really shell out the cash for the textures. but I know they are world class.

    Deserves a boomshakalaka!

  • That made perfect sense!

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