The castle that never ends

These Parisian facades along the Seine are about as classically European as it gets. When these buildings are lit up at night, they are really beautiful in their orange hues.

I took this after leaving Notre Dame and walking across a bridge heading north. I took so many photos of scenic spots… I could hardly figure out what to process first! I actually lament not being here at sunset, but the deep dusky blue still worked out pretty good.

Thank you again for all the wonderful comments you take the time to leave on here. I do read every one of them – my apologies for not being able to leave more timely and longer responses. I started a thread over in the HDR group on Flickr and I go check it once every so often… A guy got onto me there for responding slowly! Jeezo… Anyway, thanks y’all for your patience. In the meantime, I’ll try my best to keep servin’ up new photos for you every day!

The Castle that Never Ends

  • Striking details – notice the lightening rods and ice eagles. I wonder if stars could be captured? But that would mean really dim light and lots of grain. Its the incredible sharpness that makes the photo and the hdr work. Is this an HDR shot? it’s got the halos on the building… hard to tell when EV’s are compressed in a night shot and the aura of the city is all around.

  • Nicolas

    This is the Conciergerie (the majordomo’s quarters), a former royal palace and prison in Paris. It is now part of the larger complex known as the Palais de Justice, which is still used for judicial purposes (court of large claims, court of appeal…)
    Hundreds of prisoners during the French Revolution were waiting in the Conciergerie for their appointment with “Madame Guillotine”.

    Beautiful pic, as always. I would have removed the green portakabin though…

  • Beautiful picture! Was just in Paris a couple weeks ago and this brings back memories from it. The detail is soo rich, I love it.

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    WOW, what a beautiful photo, love it.

    All the best


  • Brien

    Morning Trey – thanks again for sharing. Your work is a real inspiration to someone so new to photography like I am. It also is great for the Travel industry! It makes one want to go visit where you’ve been.

  • I found your site through a friend of a friend of a friend, ad nauseam and I’ve been enjoying all your HDR images since, but I felt compelled to comment on this one … it’s just stunning!

  • Hi Trey, inspired by your HDR photography I took my Nikon and tripod to Berlin last week – and got some great results. Thanks for your sharing your creativity and sharing your technique.

  • WOW!!!! Who needs the sunset Trey, this photo is absolutely stunning!! The colors are so vibrant, I love this one. Saving it to use as wallpaper for sure. Hey, we know you do your best in answering posts. My goodness, you are busy earning your living with your photography, publishing the newsletter, putting pictures on here for us, plus you have a wife and kids!!! I think you have a very full plate on your hands, so don’t listen to those complaints, they have no clue!! Anyway, that’s my opinion 😉 .

  • P.S. I’m sticking up for you like you are my son, lol. I’m sure your Mom would say the same thing. So glad she is my facebook friend, you are truly blessed!!

  • This is an amazing picture Trey. I just cant believe the composition. Paris is in front of my eyes now. I am just reminded about the trip to Paris 2 years ago.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories.

    Stunningggggggggggggggg…. is the only word I can describe this picture with.


  • Trey,

    I had a quick question. I had to return my d90 + 18-105 lens since it hit “Bglod” – Blinking green light of death :((

    I am planning to buy the same d90 again. Do you think 18 -200 lens makes sense? (I know it is too generic and vague) I do enjoy taking outdoor pictures and Macros and in the process of putting ’em all together in a flickr pro account or smugmug.

  • casusan

    Oh wow!! Love this Trey! It’s absolutely glowing with light! Way to go!

  • sathya – An 18-200 lens is a waste of money unless it’s a top of the line $7000 lens. It’s a waste of money because it’s a wide focal range and you will see dramatic loss in quality. If you shoot things far away, buy a prime or one with a smaller focal range (ie. 55-200) that is decent quality. If you shoot landscapes, rooms, portraits, etc. a kit lens is more than sufficient. Kit lens are usually pretty good quality. Spend more money on a lens than a camera. It’s better to go with an entry-level DSLR and a top of the line lens than a flagship camera and a cheap lens.

  • Thanks all!

    Sathya – yes that is a great lens – but Speed I think that is not so much of a problem… having a low f-stop is not so critical for HDRs. When on a tripod, you can stay at f10 and just wait for the light to come in. And yes – you are right too – that the kit lens can accomplish a lot by itself! 🙂

  • Trey – I find though that low end lenses cause a lot of chromatic aberration and when you do an HDR it is amplified and much more noticable.

  • David Ingram

    Great photo Trey!

  • The blues and golds are just gorgeous here!!

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