The ROT Biker Rally of Texas

Every year we get thousands of bikers that descend on Austin for a few days during the big ROT Biker Rally.

They cruise up and down 6th Street and close fill the streets with incredible bikes and works of art. It’s an amazing place for photography, so I was able to take a break this evening and go down and shoot for a few hours.

I remember when I was growing up that bikers where just about the scariest people on earth. But now, everyone I have met seems to be much nicer and more affable than the average joe. They love having pictures taken of their bikes and generally seem to love life. That’s cool.

The ROT Biker Rally in Austin (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Good Morning Trey, Great work as always. Aren’t bikers great. I was photographing one guys bike & despite the fact that he was ready to go he had no problem letting me finish my series of 5 rather long exposures. Nice people. I just posted my second HDR from the rally on my site. Check it out. Of course you are always welcome to refer your gazillion viewers to check out my photos 🙂



  • Daniel

    Amazing blog! You already visited Brazil.

  • Thanks! Cool stuff there John 🙂

  • Great photo, Trey!!! There are lots of nice folks that become bikers nowadays!! We have a group that comes to Missoula every year. Sometimes, it’s the same weekend as the “Testicle Festival” that is held East of Missoula. Things get really wild there!! But the bikers don’t cause any problems in town. And No, I don’t attend the festival, lol.
    John, I visited your website and saved it in my favorites. Nice photos there also!!!

  • That is soooooo cool! I love how it looks like it’s glowing. Fantastic!!

  • Facebook User

    Amazing photo Trey!!

  • Thanks!

  • Kennett

    It doesn’t matter how scary we look, we always love to have our pride and joy photographed. As long as we’re not the 1%. When do we get to see the rest of the photos?

  • Mr. Ratcliffe

    The lighting here is so different, the glow makes me wonder if the process if the new software you are testing. I’d be very interested, and so would your community, in more details when you have a breath to fill us in on that software. The glow is intriguing, and I await more news with open mind and ready shutter.

    jimages digital

  • Electric Chrome! Awesome!

  • Rhonda

    hey just wanna say everyday i come to your page to enjoy your beautiful eye candy. I also change my desktop backround regularly and only with your pictures you post. So thanks for keeping me visually satisfied from your wonderful photos. Oh and this bike pic is amazing! One of my favs.

    Love from Toronto

  • Cool!

    Rhonda – Thanks for the nice message.. glad to hear it!

    Kennet – I will upload them slowly over time… stay tuned!

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