The Ancient Library

This is an old library found in a remote temple complex in the wilds of Cambodia.

It’s hard for me to imagine what a library was like back then.  A library in the 12th century must have been very interesting.  Almost 1,000 years ago, I imagine it was probably filled with all sorts of fascinating scrolls and documents.  Without the Internet, it must have been the most interesting thing to do on a boring day.  I wonder what it would be like to rip back in time and show them the iPhone and then show them some ancient-scroll app from the App Store.  I’m pretty sure the AT&T connectivity would be about as good as it is in 2009.

The Ancient Library

  • Nigel

    I agree Trey… Looking forward to the Stuckincustoms time machine. Great looking place and HDR.

  • Superb! Nice processing.

  • What I find interesting about this example in Ta-Prohm is that its one of the few where the supporting columns are round giving it a very “greek” feel…evidence of east/west trade of ideas?

  • great capture!! nice angle

  • Breathtaking!

  • Thanks for transporting us back in time, Trey. I love the pictures of the ancient past, and wonder how those peoples lived in that era. My favorite books are written about the ancient peoples of North America by well-known archeologists. Very interesting to read. Wonderful picture!!!!! 🙂
    You do a good job of teleporting us back in your time machine 😉 !!

  • Thanks!

    Indiana – that is an interesting point. I think it’s possible that east and west both arrived at that point independently, although the Greeks were making stone columns back several centuries BC. A circular stone column is just the most “evolved” way to support weight in the air. I would say it’s a slam dunk Hellenistic influence if there were more doric shapes around the tops.

  • Un HDR en estado puro!!! Me gusta el encuadre y ese procesado para darle ese toque que te caracteriza.

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey…..interesting musings too!

  • Rob

    Took this shot from a slightly different angle during our visit last October. It was raining off and on and we had the place to ourselves. Preah Khan is one of those places where you truly feel you’re in another world. You captured it perfectly.

  • What a gorgeous library. I love those massive columns.

  • Pearlie

    This is a feast for the eyes…nice post!

  • Great composition, Trey!

  • Reminiscent of the doric order the only thing missing are the scroll volutes at the capitol as well as the tapering of the column to make it appear as if it’s a man holding up the entablature in which these appear to be a uniform column with no tapering.

  • Pablo A

    Just WOW! The word that characterizes this picture is “Sublime”. Thank you and great job, you help make our days a little bit better.

  • Deb

    Beautiful! It just exudes knowledge.

  • It is rather valuable piece

  • Ha! The scroll app would be an interesting piece of work!

    I recently came across your blog and love it! You short and sweet descriptions really add value to the pictures…not that they need value added. Tthey are beautiful! I have a new favorite blog to follow.

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