The River Passed the Quivering Forest in the Autumn

I think it’s really nice how one part of the world can go through a season while the other hemisphere is going through the opposite. The waxing and waning of the nature of things is a nice cycle. And then, just as you are getting used to the extreme loneliness of one cycle or the next, the equinox begins to approach again as everything betwixt the hemispheres comes back together.

This was shot down in Argentina, near the coast of Chile, on a glacial river that streams away from Andes, before a long journey to the lake.

And now, for something unrelated, and I mean completely unrelated, I received an email recently that someone has opened a gallery inside Second Life of my work. I don’t play Second Life. I tried it once for a few minutes before I committed digital suicide because of the horrible GUI. But, regardless, the virtual world still a popular thing, and I guess it’s kinda cool to have a gallery in there. I just hope there are no furries inside.

The River Passed the Quivering Forest in the Autumn

  • Love the colors Trey. Nice photo!

  • really like the way you’ve captured the movement of the water. great shot!

  • Trevor Driscoll

    Haha I had a very similar Second Life experience, great colors and movement to the water.

  • Jas

    love the movement of the water…awesome!

  • This is awesome. The myriad of colours underneath the water is almost fairytale-like!

  • This is such a gorgeous picture, Trey. I’m replacing the stream in Montana with this one on my desktop. I agree, you really captured the movement of the water, great job!! Wonderful Fall picture. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  • Deb

    Beautiful shot! I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed all the pictures you have shared from South America, especially Patagonia. I have been reading about Patagonia on Interesting Thing of the Day and taken with your wonderful pictures, I have learned sooo much! Thank you!

  • The colors in the water are so beautiful and vibrant. Makes me think of the Emerald City in Wizard of Oz.

  • Thanks y’all.

    Deb – I learned a lot too – glad you are enjoying the Patagonia ones!

  • That looks so peaceful and relaxing. Beautiful!

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  • casusan

    How absolutely beautiful and vibrant are the colors in this Trey! Love, love, love it!

  • I always love ur photos… it is jz too beautiful!!! I have been trying out HDR photos ever since i start visiting ur flickr and ur blog… it is jz stunning and inspiring photos… keep it up!!!

  • This is one of my favorites of yours so far. Simply amazing.

  • This is great, my kind of shot. I have never photographed glacial water yet, but I am sure it is spectacular. Great job.

  • Thank you guys… glad you like it.. I have many of these sorts of shots from Patagonia I’ll be sprinkling in over the next year.

  • Beautiful

  • chief

    First off, I love your work. I love the color in this; I love the flowing capture of the water. Indeed, its an excellent shot, but I must say the trees to me are distracting in that they appear out of focus. I imagine this is from the HDR process, why didn’t you mask the shore out like the Times Square shot? Were you just aiming for more of the the dreamy effect? I would’ve went with sharp trees and flowing water.

    Pfft, after so many hundreds of flawless pictures, my first comment is critical; but its really not, just differences in expression.

  • That’s funny – I thought the precise same thing when I ventured around in Second-Life for an hour. I spend enough time in my first life doing stuff I don’t have time for a ‘Second-Life’ in terrible a GUI environment.

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