When a Temple is Forgotten

These are the kinds of places that are too cool to be true. I think these are called “banyan trees” (no doubt one of my smart readers will correct me if I’m wrong!), and their seeds fell centuries ago on top of these old tombs. Although not part of the main complex, the temple of Ta Prohm is still considered part of Angkor Wat. It’s a distance away, but, in many ways, cooler than the main temple.

Maybe I was lucky, the the days I spent there hardly had any tourists around. There were a few monks, but most of them were not Cambiodian and had traveled there from other monasteries all over the world.

Probably the coolest thing about the place was the ability to go anywhere and do anything. No little chamber, passageway, doorway, or underground mystery was off limits. It was definitely one of the best places for spontaneous adventure that I have ever been.

Note this was made with Lucis Pro 6.0… a few months ago, I did Lucis Tutorial, in case you want to know more.

When a Temple is Forgotten (by Stuck in Customs)

  • this so reminds me to Lost, the episode when little Ben is driven to the temple!!!
    love it!

  • Those trees are amazing!!!

  • Looks great Trey. So… what is your favorite HDR software, so far?

    Thanks for the Topaz review. I really like that software. Stop on flickr sometime and look at my Kansas City set. It’s all done with Topaz.

  • Facebook User

    That is a great photo Trey! Those trees are crazy.

  • Nice work Trey.

  • Wicked! looks a bit like a temple in a TombRaider-game I used to play.

  • wow! this is high on my list of places to go!
    they definately are banyan trees too…
    was it really this grey, or has lucis pro given the slightly unsaturated effect?

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey….like the story too!

  • Tom – Yes it is like the temple… I guess we will find out more about that next season!

    Dale – my favorite is still Photomatix… I’ve just been using it this weekend in fact.

    Dan – Lucis gave it a little bit of the effect that you can see, but it was used selectively.

  • Matthew Gaston

    Great photo trey:)
    Lucis seems like it does a sweet good on the foreground but doesn’t do so great on the sky:(

  • I agree with Matthew. It would be interesting to see what this image would look like with Nik’s color efx gradient filter on the sky, foliage filter for the leaves and some tonal contrast mixed in. Lots of stuff possible with this image. All in the eye of the artist, eh? Nice shot, gotta love a wide angle, eerie place, kind of sacred feeling, hope to travel there some day!

  • Jeannie

    That is such an amazing place. Thanks Trey for the great shots.

  • Mat – Lucis can do a great job on the sky, but there has to be some kinda sky to start with…

    Jeffrey – yes some day I should do a side-by-side shootout of all the top processing software!

    Jeannie – sure thing! 🙂

  • Gasem

    It was 1968,when I was with my brother in Egypt,I sow the same tipe
    of this tree.Since that year,but know I know what it was. THANK YOU SOOMUCH.

  • James

    I really enjoyed Ta Prohm as well when I was in Cambodia last November. It is so beautiful to see the Banyon trees growing up and around the temple over time. I was amazed at the freedom I had to wonder around all of the various spaces of the temple (but it is sad at the same time that these temples may not last much longer). You were lucky not to see many people as it was mobbed when I was there.

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