Guarding the Beaches of LA

Being a lifeguard in LA must be a great job. Or it might be a boring job. Or it might have occasions of greatness filled with a long periods of boredom.

There was a lifeguard sitting here in the station on Manhattan Beach when I took the shot. I guess I could have asked her while I stood outside her station for 10 minutes with all my glass aimed right at her. I kept giving her a nod of confidence, indicating that everything was okay. I was really just waiting for the colors to get right in the reflection.

Guarding the Beaches of LA (by Stuck in Customs)

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    Great photo Trey!! Absolutely love the reflection you have captured off of the glass on the station along with the rest of the colors in the photo. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Wow!!! That reflection looks like a 65 inch flact panel LCD pushing 1080p!!!!

    Great photo Trey!!!

  • LOVE the reflection in the window! That’s soooo awesome! Great job!!

  • That there is some mighty fantastic boredom, sir.

    @Dale Martin: A 65 inch flact panel LCD pushing 1080p
    looks almost as good as that gorgeous reflection! 🙂

  • Its a realy good shoot, i like the cristal reflection!!!

  • casusan

    Really cool shot Trey – beautiful reflection!

  • Thanks for the correction Michael. 🙂

  • Thanks yall –

    Michael – I bet inside the station, it looks like a 200-inch LCD!

  • Excellent photo!
    What a great HDR effect!
    Wonderful photoblog you have here 🙂

  • 35n

    Great shot and very fine and convincing use of HDR!

  • David

    Manhattan Beach?

  • heck yeah! one of the best photos I have seen from you in the last few months! stoked to see it. thanks my bro!

  • Wow !! Love the comp on this the reflection causes you to see what the lifesaver see, makes you feel part of the whole image!!

  • Amazing Photo! love the reflection.

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