The Motion of Shanghai

I crossed under the river one night from the Bund to get a closer look at the Oriental Pearl Tower. There was a cool fountain at the bottom and no tourists around.

This is a good thing, since it is always hard to make tourists look “cool” in photos. No matter what, everyone ends up looking like a gawking Rick Steves. Speaking of which, his travel series on PBS called “Europe through the Back Door” always gave me cause for concern.

The Motion of Shanghai

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  • I love the colors in the sky – great job as always

  • I do believe you are the first to capture a UFO rather clearly (far left). Love the sky and perspective used.

  • notti

    amazing shot – you were really lucky that there weren’t any tourists or locals. this normally a buzzing area

    greez from shanghai

  • Great colors, Trey!

  • Great work Trey.

  • Naureen


    I was at this very location 6 months ago and this is a beautiful picture of course. cant wait to see more from your trip.

  • Adam

    Another great shot Trey! The colors are fantastic for a night shot.

  • Facebook User

    Fantastic shot Trey – steady eddy shot, with beautiful colors and treatment.

  • Great shot, lucky you not having any tourist around. I wish that was how it was for me on my last trip!!

  • Sweet, sweet job my boy, loving the colours

  • yea, it’s amazing how such a crowded area can look so deserted in this pic. The tower isn’t so high but looks deceivingly so at this angle (esp the smaller skyscraper in the background)

  • Nice shot! I’m heading off there tomorrow, adn it’s nice to be abe to plan the trip through looking at someone else’s shots.

    And you make it look so cool.

  • cool catch of the statue reflected in the orb!

  • Great shot! One of my favorites so far. Keep it up!!

  • Cool – thanks — glad you guys like this one.

    David – you’ll have a great time exploring.

    Cumidanciki – the long shutter speeds with high aperture settings help blur out any tourists that might have been walking through – that is a nice trick.

  • Hahaha! So you don’t use the back door method of exploration?!?! lol
    I think you’re right; that title could really confuse some people : P

    Great shot as always! Love the sky.

  • Wow there is so much going on here I love the circle of lights going around the globe, nice took me a while to put all the pieces together…but once I did Wham Baam…another Trey masterpiece…

  • casusan

    Super cool shot Trey!

  • WOAH!!! Sweet photo, and I love the new design for the site too!!!

    Amazing stuff.

  • very cool I would love to learn how you do this although I am sure, my camera is not good enough!

  • Fantastic shot, well done!

  • It kinda looks like a rocket to Mars…good shot!

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