Meanwhile, back at the camp with the five Russians, Trey kicks Yuri in the face

This is a shot from one of our campsites.  I set up the camera with the intervelometer to automatically take a shot every 30 seconds as we set up camp and did our best to stay warm.

Here is the cast of characters from left to right.  Sitting on a bump on a log on the left is Yuri.  He is in the process of getting a jackboot to the face.  I tease Yuri, but he is actually a very nice guy and I like him.  That doesn’t mean you want to room with him or share a tent, mind you.

Second from the left is me.  Don’t you like my hat?  I got it on Etsy.

Third is Irina. I hope I spelled that right. She was our chef and handled most of the cooking, keeping me well fed and warm. She also came out on a few photography adventures too and was always there to lighten the mood by making Russian animal sounds. For example, did you know that Russian frogs don’t say “ribbit ribbit” and Russian dogs don’t say “ruff ruff”? This is only a small sampling of the campfire discussions. You can try to guess down in the comments what they say…

Fourth/Fifth is Yana and Dima. They had no trouble keeping warm. Their sleeping bags could be zipped together. Dima tried to be helpful and suggested that perhaps I could do the same thing with Yuri. After saying that, he reared back, laughing like Brezhnev, and then drinking like Yeltsin.

On the far right is Vulva. Again, I can’t quite say his name properly, but it’s very close, within the delicate region of “Vulva”. He was a very cool dude, richly festooned with silver Buddhist paraphernalia from his various expeditions to Tibet and Nepal.

They are all great people and I enjoy my time with them tremendously.

Meanwhile, back at the camp with the five Russians, Trey kicks Yuri in the face

  • Great shot! Yuri looks quite amused with you…Looks like you are having a great time with that crew – Happy travels!

  • Zim

    Well, here frogs say “croac croac”, but “ribbit ribbit” sounds more accurate… And dogs say “guau guau” (maybe “woof woof”).

  • I like the new design of your blog! Great shot of the glacier! Thanks for sharing.

  • Great pic again…Yuri looks cool… When was the last time you all had a bath 🙂

  • Facebook User

    This is hilarious! Love the hats too, I will have to pick one up!

  • Yana & Dima concept of “contact sport” seems quite a more fitting way to keep people warm and happy, but anyway, your kung-fu looks nice in camera, Trey.

  • aw man.. poor Yuri.. lol. and yes, funky head gear..

  • Mike

    Hi Trey,

    At last a group shot of you all, looks like a lot of fun.

    Love the new site design too.

    All the best


  • Facebook User

    Titter-worthy shot, to be sure.

    Of course the first thing I did was cast a glance to make sure you were wearing your gloves….. ; )

  • Alan

    Love the new site ( and your hat).

  • Looks like you guys had a fantastic trip. Nice to see a shot with you in it, too. And great site revamp.

  • Indibang

    You guys are having a cold and fun time. Wish you all asafe trip back home.

  • Very cool last few pictures you posted there. Looks like your having a very nice trip. Nice kick you have there! Hope Yuri didn’t mind. It looks like you still have the price tag attached to your jacket. 🙂

  • LOL! Looks and sounds like a great time. You need to write a book about your adventures. The “Suck In Customs Diaries.”

  • That looks like a great adventure! An interesting cast of characters that you captured perfectly.

  • Nice hat Trey!!! Lucisart?

    Looking forward to more photos from the trip.


  • What a memorable photo for you to “treasure” when you are reminiscing about your fantastic trip. Quite a “motley” crew, lol. Looks like fun, but I know it was so COLD!! I’m ready for spring. Won’t be posting for a while as we are going to Michigan(our home state) to be there for my granddaughter’s 16th birthday.
    So Happy Easter to all and have a great spring/fall. Enjoy the sping flowers and birds!!!!

  • casusan

    Finally we get to see Yuri! Good shot of all of you – looks cold alright!

  • hehe thanks all. Dale – this is not lucisart – it is another plugin I am thinking about reviewing… just testing it…

    Gail – have a nice trip! 🙂

  • I like the plug in Trey. Do tell when you get a chance. It looks great!!!

  • Leslie

    poor sweet, sweet yuri. glad to finally see him!

  • I have just a simple point and shoot digital and am beginning the process of researching for a ‘good’ camera …. I see you go with Nikon. My father has a portrait and wide lens (no idea the technical names) from the 70s … i’m wondering if those lenses will fit on the new nikon digital cameras?

    Also, I’m wondering why you prefer Nikon over Canon …

    I know you’re busy but even a totally brief answer to these questions would be so helpful as I begin my journey into better photography. =)

  • Oh, and by the way, your photos are BRILLIANT!!

  • marc in calgary

    “within the delicate region of Vulva”…

    that’s too funny. Dad likely considered naming him “Sue” as well.
    I like the new look, the campsite looks straight out of northwest USA or Canada west…
    muchas gracias..

  • Hey man,
    don’t think about sex too much, just do it!
    His name is Vova, it’s shot from Vladimir and her name is Irina.
    Anyway I’m really glad you’ve joined us.
    Nice picture!

  • ribbit ribbit 😕

  • hehe funny – thanks Dima and Yana 🙂


    no one is smiling in amusement, it must have been very cold.

  • No, the frogs say “kva-kva” and the dogs say “gav-gav” and cats say “miau” (quite similar to English) 🙂 and to lure a cat to come to you say ksksks (like kisskisskiss, a hissing sound) instead of kitty kitty 🙂 Russian cats do not respond to kitty 🙂
    What other Russian words did you learn from the trip?

  • Big Matty

    That guy looks a little too ok with getting kicked in the face.

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