Welcome to the Ghost Town (and some things that inspire me)

The locals from the nearby settlements don’t like to call it a ghost town, but I hardly know what else to called the damned place.

I have a variety of photos from this eerie locale.  It turns out it was a failed development between Houston and Austin that is slowly crumbling into the ground.  There seemed to be a few Madmaxesque squatters in the distance muttering about, but they seemed kinda scary so I kept my distance.  Maybe it all felt a bit extra eerie because of the inclement weather as night fell.  I put on appropriately moody music on my iPod as I drifted around like a ghost to snap some photos.

I also added a new section here called “Things I’ve Found That Inspire Me“.  If you didn’t think I was weird before, you will after you see this page.  Sorry if some things on there are kinda strange… I don’t know how or where I found all these things, but I collect them like a digital antique shop.  It occurred to me on a whim that you guys might enjoy taking a gander at my bizarre menagerie.

The Town Was Never the Same (by Stuck in Customs)

  • I wouldn’t worry about the squatters, now if they got on motorcycles and started going around in circles…that would be scary. lol

  • Wow, your recent work with the D3x is incredible Trey!

  • great shot, you captured the mood. I guess now we all want to know what’s on your ipod! ( :

  • Superb image!
    Very nicely done, I couldn’t stop enjoying this frame 🙂
    Thanks for sharing
    Happy Valentine!

  • Tom Horton

    Great shot, Trey!

    I see something here that reminds me of an HDR problem I sometimes have that I don’t know how to correct. Maybe you have some ideas?

    The problem shows up in the empty “frames” of the sign, especially the lowest one; these small, enclosed spaces end up with brighter rendering than the large spaces that surround them. This becomes especially noticeable when the object making the enclosed space is something thin, such as a power line or rope. I’m guessing it results from the algorithm that controls radial distance of luminosity, or contrast, or something.

    Any ideas?

  • Gail in Montana

    What a neat picture, Trey. We love to look around at Ghost Towns!! We have visited a couple here in Montana, as well as other states. Very nice shot of the town, puts us in the mood for spooky, lol. Now to go and look at your things that inspire you. Keep up the good work. Really enjoying your pictures everyday. This one is going to be wallpaper on my monitor!!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Gail in Montana

    P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Be good to your sweeties 😉

  • Oh, wow, I’ve driven through there a bunch of times and never had any clue what it was. Just that I’d think, “Wow … I’d hate to live *there*”

    Must bring my camera next time!

  • Haha thanks all – good comments as always! 🙂

  • Rich

    Nice shot! A technical question: given your equipment outline, I’ll assume you shot this with the 14-24mm. Do you process your files through something to correct for lens distortion? It seems pretty apparent in the lean-in on the front of the buildings. If so, what do you prefer to use?

  • Wow you really captured the vibe of a dyeing city, all the signs are broken with one left and the dramatic sunset that seems like it goes forever! well done!

  • Thanks! Yes I used the 14-24 — I sometimes correct for it in Photoshop, but sometimes not… just depends on the mood of the shot I guess! 🙂

  • Looks like a good place to live if you want some peace & quiet…
    and are a little (or alot) odd yourself.

  • Cool shot, very cool atmosphere. Perhaps a little too much tone mapping.

    But one thing I don’t like: the slanted houses. They look wrong and weird. If you align them in the vertical center of the camera view while shooting, they would be much less distorted. Then you could crop it to the actual format.

    Sorry for my bad english…
    Greetings from Germany

  • Thomas

    Really like the photo you posted on Feb. 14th “Welcome to the Ghost town”
    Would really like to visit there sometime and take a few photos myself.
    Could you give me the exact location of this place?

  • Chuck

    I was there about a month ago, there is a field across the street with tons of blue bonnets.

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