Where to Party in Vegas

I just recently got back from Las Vegas and betwixt a panoply of activities that kept my mental faculties on edge, I did manage to go out and get some photos, of course. At least I am assured that these always turn out winners!

I stayed in THE Hotel. I think you are supposed to capitalize that THE. In fact, maybe it is even one word like THEhotel. Before going, I thought it was just "the" hotel at Mandalay but now I know it’s much different…. It was a great place and probably the best of 7 or 8 hotels I have stayed there. Although 2 or 3 of those should barely be on the list…

This is a shot of the restaurant area of Club Mix, which sits on the top floor of THE Hotel. I was able to see so many cool places there — I hardly knew which to process first! …more coming in the next weeks and months!

Where to Party in Vegas (by Stuck in Customs)

  • james

    looks like floating oil in air! awesome!

  • Wow!!! This is such an unbelievable shot. My favorite part is the scattered red glasses on the tables.

  • looks like a spaceship – really funky. Would be great to see a shot of how the place looks like without the HDR – just to see the difference and then see how it looks like in your visual interpretation.

  • I love the work that goes into these places in vegas. I was there in sept and I could take pictures the whole time im there and be content.

    now i must check this area out!!

  • Amazing picture as always Trey!

  • Dr. Electro

    What it really is is a dining room under a gigantic representation of a jellyfish with a grand staircase dropping from it to the floor. What it looks like is magic. In this photo it becomes surreal and looks like it’s alive. I keep waiting for the skirt to flex and the whole thing to swim out of frame.

    Simply magical, Trey. As fantastic as a McCaffrey story.

  • Ha – thanks all – Nice McCaffrey reference! 🙂

  • DEE

    It’s the red that does it.

  • Marie

    Interesting picture. Is this the norm for your phots…always seem to be buildings. Do you ever photgraph animals or other things in nature. I did see on very good one of a wolf.

  • Thanks –

    I do shoot buildings and landscapes a lot – I very much enjoy matching patterns with forms and light.

    I don’t shoot a lot of animals for a variety of reasons. A big reason is that there are already people that specialize in that and I am not sure that I can do something new, fresh, different, or better than them. In other words, it takes a lot of work to get a shot that already exists out there hundreds of times over. This might sound kinda strange, but I can’t justify spending 20 hours tracking a bear to get a great shot but is remarkably similar to 100 other good bear shots… now if I am in Alaska anyway, shooting new landscapes etc and I see a bear… then I will take one for sure! 🙂

    I do have a few unique animal ideas for some cool shots… maybe some day the stars will align and I can try it.

  • Hey now, there was that wolf that you tracked down a while ago…don’t sell yourself too short…….Hmm, I’m gonna go find that post actually!

  • And, here it is 🙂 Alright, it was only 2 hours (hehehe)


  • I think it looks like the bubbles in a carbonated beverage, cool!!

  • Dale Martin



  • I just get lost in your work. LOVE this! I too am really diggin’ the random red glasses.

  • Robert Alescio

    I’m a bit of an amateur photographer and quite the novice when it comes to HDR, but I’m inspired enough by your work to pursue the craft. I’m also very much impressed with your extremely wide angle shots. Is there anywhere in your writings that you discuss the use of such lenses to achieve results such as yours?

  • Gail Moscoso

    Beautiful photos. A treat. Would look fantastic printed as large(BIG)as possible.

  • Will Donnelly

    Absolutely fantastic…Ive been in Las Vegas once about 3 years ago and had so many impressions, absolute eye candy….but the one question I have is probably one you get often…How do you get the places free of people for your shots…. Las Vegas left me with the impression that it never closes and its ALWAYS full with people living and working there in shifts ….your photos take this incredible architecture and give it such power due to the absence of all the crowds….HOW do you manage that??? I leave for the States from Germany in 2 days and will return from Las Vegas, I will only have 1 Day there, and am a total newbie to HDR, but your work moves me to see whats possible there… Many thanks for your tutorials and for the wonderful images!

  • Hehe thanks – well this was empty because the MGM/Mirage PR team took me around on a private tour…

  • I sincerely love your work. The way you capture the buildings with the lighting…well it’s just amazing. I have been to a lot of your destinations posted and you make them all look a hell of a lot cooler than what they are!

    Nice job my friend…

    You wouldn’t happen to know where I could find a lush lawn in Vegas with a white picket fence would you?

  • Casper van Zyl

    this is cool

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