Puzzling Over Beauty

I was captivated by this scene for some reason, and I spent a good deal of time thinking of how best to shoot it. On the final day of my trip there to Glacier National Park, I decided on this treatment.

There are many interesting things to me here, and you can probably be thankful you were not beside me to hear me go off on a theoretic (a new Neal Stephenson word). We enjoy beauty and puzzle over beauty at the same time. In a world of entropy, it is calming to take beauty, break it apart into what makes it so, and then piece it back together again to bring order to the chaos.

But, I could not bring myself to work on the puzzle at all. I just drank in everything I was there to be with for the moment. I thought a little about the nature of wanting to make a puzzle, just to solve it, a notion that is meta-puzzling in itself.

Other guests that come into this view no doubt sit down and work on the puzzle, possibly thinking they could finish it, but also with a sneaking suspicion that they are just putting a few pieces together for the next guest that comes to visit. It seemed to be sort of an altruistic long-term battle against entropy.

So I chose not to mess with the puzzle, and simply to focus on the beauty of things as I held them in my mind’s eye. Puzzles tend to work themselves out on their own, which is a comforting thought, I suppose.

Puzzling Over Beauty (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Derron

    I like the over all idea of the shot. The framing is strong. The picture makes you look more than once to see what else yo find in the picture so it holds your attention well. I find the reflections a bit distracting from the windows.

  • This is the same location from The Majesty correct? Great shot – you travel almost everywhere it seems! You must be really enjoying these beautiful places. Thanks for making it down to the print show from Chicago today.

  • So this is your crib? Pretty nice view to do some puzzleing! 🙂

  • Great inside / outside combination. This is a nice case where HDR capturing is really necessary.
    I like the part of the building at the left side a lot, it gives an nice idea of the outside of your building.

  • The title might be more aptly named “Puzzling Under Beauty”.

  • Deb

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Keep ’em coming! Thanks!

  • DEE

    I’m a puzzle freak. And I admire the background.

  • Thanks all!

    Nick, yes this is the same place… and you are welcome. I was happy to see all the interesting art there. I wish I had more prizes to hand out at the show! Which one was yours?

  • tim keller

    see that is a puzzle i would tke to do on my own being 15 it will take a while and alot of time but it is rewarding to see it compleat just to have it go away(sob sob) thats the sad part

  • tim keller

    2 more things 1 wow i live in jersey and apparently milton bradely is every where( i zoomed in great quailty and resolution) 2 2000 piece puzzles are hard but my family is crazy we like 5000+(up to like 20000 pieces once)puzzles and the 5000 piece 3d ones

  • 20000 pieces! Wow!

  • Angela

    Great!it will be more amazing if the puzzle has the same scenery with the background!

  • Your puzzle image is “SPECTACULAR!” Your contribution and High Dynamic Range by Ferrill McCollough was inspiring. I am 59 &1/2 years old, have been a Professional Portrait Photographer for 38 years and I was turned on working on the new “arror in my photographic quiver” HDR. It was cold in Nebraska but at 8:30PM last night was capturing HDR images of a reconverted movie theatre to sharpen my skills for future portrait projects. It is really cool how new things keep photography fun. Thank you!

  • Jeff

    So if puzzling is abstract yet entropy seems to be dullness to the max. How would you chose this particular spot to make a pictorial view of those two extremes look so inviting.
    I love your work very much, also being a cancer male is interesting looking through the eyes of another to view the overall beauty that you choose to take and show everyone so well with the camera and your technique.
    Thanks for giving to the world your true gift in the beauty and the joy it brings you to share.
    Thank you!

  • Thanks!

    Very nice to hear there Denny!

    Also, Jeff, we cancers need to stick together… no one really understands us. I try to tell them, don’t try to understand us, just love us. It’s so much easier that way.

  • Jeff


    This is so true… leave it to a cancer to understand that… thanks it is easier to love us than try to figure it out… until the next joy of HDR…

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