The Purpling Storm

As night was falling in Dresden, I moved from location to location around the city to chronicle the changing light conditions across the old buildings…

The Purpling Storm

  • DEE

    I’m surprised they are still there after February 13, 1945.

  • Tim keller

    nice pic i like the sky

  • Looks surreal. Very nice picture.

  • Dr. Electro

    Dee, look at the bricks in the walls. Some of them still show burn marks from the firestorm. All those places were rebuilt brick by brick.

  • I can hear the thunder…wish I could see the lightning when it came…:.)

  • Very nice eye there electro – thank you for that…

    And thanks all! 🙂

  • Deb

    GREAT!!! i love storms and this one is magnificent!!! THANK YOU!!

  • I think, I commented on flickr already but hell yeah, Imma get my word out twice for such an amazing piece of work! 🙂

    I was checking out your spots today and this place is just amazing… up the stairs on “Brühlsche Terrassen” right to the front… The sky is awesome, Trey, and you’ve probably heard it thousands of times before but your HDR treatment is simply great and captivating. The colors are superb and not overdone like some shots you’ll find on flickr and other photography sites… I could go on with hymns of praise for hours but will slowly come to an end now… keep up your fantastic work!

  • Hey cool – thanks Deb and Kenii 🙂

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  • Hi!
    as much as I like your pictures, usually… and as much as I like tilting lines due to wide angle lenses… This one here does not have a perspective I can agree with. I think the picture would look better if it was straightened out. Additionally, though, you took pictures of much better motives.

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