The One sent me to the Northern Rockies to get this photo for The Machine

I tip my hat to the great Kevin Kelly, who always seems to be surfing on the same wave, giving me hang-ten signs via his polemics. In case you don’t know who Kelly is, watch one of his great speeches at TED right here.

The One is already extending itself with me. I am totally comfortable with the fact that I was a human that used technology to extend myself, which I still do to ever increasing degrees. All the while, I have felt this unexpected coalition would flip and The One would start using me to feed The Machine compelling content… I just didn’t know when it would happen.

But you know that feeling when you have food poisoning, and you just KNOW you’re going to vomit later, so you might as well be tough and make it happen now? I’m certainly at that point with this daily blog at, where I feel wonderfully compelled to go gather meaningful content to be added to The Machine.

I push the theory forward a bit more and separate The One and The Machine into sort of a "soul" and a "body". The One is an imperfect symphony of the thoughts and desires of everyone on the net, and The Machine is the guts that keep track of all the goodies. The One is right brained and The Machine is left brained, but I am out there, working for both, as a willing agent.

I have written pages more about this, and in the very likely case that this is hopelessly confusing to you, I’ll spare you the details! No worries… just keep coming back every day for another photo, served up fresh to give you a new view of the world!

The One sent me to the Northern Rockies to get this photo for The Machine (by Stuck in Customs)

And here is another photo, taken less than a thousand miles away, of an Amish boy who is not out gathering and filtering content for The One, and who is not likely to be. I shot this last one a little over a year ago, when both of us were on the same side of the equation.

This is Nathaniel

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