I was barely able to squeeze off this final shot before my battery died. Going by farm after farm throughout northern Montana, I kept looking for the perfect barn and the right kinda clouds over golden fields of wheat. And then, once I finally found it, I looked at the power left on the Nikon and it was scary-low! I held my breath and ran out into the field, hoping to hear that satisfying little click!

After I was back in the car, I clicked the preview button to see what I had shot, and it did not even come up… then I spent the next few hours wondering if this one even made it to the old memory card!


  • Absolutely gorgeous subject, colours and composition. Glad it made it to your card.

  • *chicka* *chicka* *chicka* *chicka* *chiiiika*


  • Zach Chastaine

    Wow! what an amazing find! You really captured this perfectly.

  • Hey thanks!

  • will

    Annnnnnnnnnnd. We have a new desktop background.

  • Sunshine

    None the less even the barn is smiling at your good fortune!!

  • gypman

    Next time, you’ll carry a spare battery! Great shot.

  • Gail

    Great shot, glad it was saved in your camera!!! We see this scene a lot out here traveling around in Montana and the surrounding states. Reminds us of the hard life our predecessors managed to live through without all of our modern conveniences. It’s amazing when you think about it!!

  • nice shot!

  • Jón

    When I saw the title, I was sure the photo would be from Iceland… 🙂

  • DEE

    Iowa has scenes like that, too. Many.

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  • Hey thanks – Jon – I might have a Foreclosure in Iceland coming up too! That gives me a good idea… ! 🙂

  • kortni

    “I was barely able to squeeze off this final shot..”

    thats what she said.

  • Rik

    Reminds me of many parts of Kansas. Beautiful shot!

  • Ole

    yep!! This is Montana! High, wide and lonesome!!

  • Dr. Electro

    As a teenager in the Sixties, living on the Western edge of the Texas panhandle, I saw plenty of farms that had been in forclosure during the great depression. They were a goldmine of antiques and artifacts from a bygone era. Now I wish I had taken photos as well. The lonely, old barn is a graphic reminder of those more innocent days spent roaming the countryside.

  • tk

    nice shot you have had alot of good photos before

  • raaj


  • Wheat…fields of wheat…shredded wheat…cream of wheat…


  • I love this shot. The midwest is a beautiful place.

  • ncik

    this is one of my favorites of yours

    out of curiosity – how close are these colors to the scene?

  • Thanks! Electro yes – I have driven by a lot of these in Texas too… since I was a little kid.

    ncik – the colors are incredibly accurate. I never “add” any colors to my shots by “painting” colors on top. All colors you see are natural, unless there happens to be a texture on top, which can affect the coloration, but those events are usually obvious.

  • Jamee

    yum, yum, yum

  • Magnificent!!

  • thank $deity the battery was enough. this is a breathtaking photo. i feel relaxed.

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