Isabella the Princess on Halloween

We just finished yet another Halloween. We have this fun little neighborhood picnic at the top of our street before the festivities begin. I asked Isabella if she wanted to act like a princess for the camera, and guess what?

Isabella the Princess on Halloween

  • Susan

    aaah! A princess indeed! She is absolutely beautiful Trey!

  • Tawna

    What a cutie! She’ll melt a lot of hearts with that smile.

  • WHAT a doll!!!! You are a lucky daddy!

  • D’Elda

    A portrait for the ages.

  • Hello ………..

    Your Princess reminds me of my Princess ……. who has given our family three fantastic Princes ….. wait a while and your family will be so blessed.

  • she is just adorable. My best friends daughter went as one also and her name is isabella also great minds think alike I think:)

  • Adorable! What a cutie pie.

  • great pic i like it very very muhc

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