A Tiny Mall in Hong Kong

The Chinese love to shop. I can say no more.

A Tiny Mall in Hong Kong

  • Hi,
    heh, that actually is small ^_^ Here in Taiwan, some department stores reach up to 13 floors and two basements (Sogo among them), and night markets are just one floor street versions of malls.
    Cheers, NM

  • hey,

    Yes, indeed Chinese loves to shop. Well this is small but it is a major one here in HK Island side and it’s extremely crowded in weekends and holidays.


  • Ray

    I’ve been following your shots for some time now and they are all beautiful. This one is stunning!

  • That’s the Times Square shopping mall in Causeway Bay. It was featured in the second Tomb Raider movie, although they mashed it together with IFC for the escape sequence.

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