A Storm Ripping through the Valley

I figured just about the worst place to stand in a lightning storm was a gigantic old tree. So, of course, I doubled those odds by erecting a metallic tripod at the base to capture the moment… sorry mom…

A Storm Ripping through the Valley

  • looks great!

  • Eric M

    Yeah I try to take some lightning photos and it always freaks me out when I see it hit so close, but it keeps your heart pumping!

  • You’re still alive so I’m sure she forgive you!

  • haha yes I suppose so.. thanks!

  • great perspective Trey and love the natural tones in your processing on this one 🙂

  • Cool picture. I did a similar silly thing with my tripod. The storm was almost over, but there was still lighting around.


  • your risk is our reward, I love the contrast between the sky and the river below…lovely and dramatic.

  • all your photos are incredible and majestic in some way!

  • jesse

    stellar photo. worth the risk of death.

  • Richard

    Wow. This is an exceptional pic among exceptional pics. Any chance of offering it on Imagekind? Please respond by email if there is!

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