Parisian Blue Skies over the Rodin Chateau


It was a perfectly beautiful day on my first visit to the Rodin museum in the heart of Paris. I’ve always liked his sculptures, and the way they were spread among the lush grounds of the chateau was rather… French. It was a good day of exploration!

Parisian Blue Skies over the Rodin Chateau

  • susan

    Ohh la la! How absolutely beautiful!

  • Andrew

    The HDR technique is overdone, not unique in the least, but further, it encourages those without talent or any kind of creative eye to over-compensate and make garish, ultracolour imagery that distracts from lack of subject matter. But it’s not even as if there is any real post-production work going on, if that were to be any saving grace, just a few clicks of buttons.

    I hope all of these talking heads on flickr aren’t encouraging this. You should go out and shoot some pictures without using filters or the like, you might be surprised at how nice the results are.

  • McFester

    Always been a fan of Rodin. Looks like a great day to visit the museum with perfect blue skies and a great wide angle shot.Do you have any shot featuring the statues or was that prohibited.

  • Thanks! Except for you Andrew… look at my other stuff… only 70% is HDR.

    Anyway, McFester, you can see one of the rodin sculps here:

  • McFester

    Many thanks Trey…. fantastic image and amazing gates.

  • Love the Rodin Museum. And you photo is beautiful.

  • or as I should have said … your photo is beautiful.

  • Ozy

    Oh man that’s insanely beautiful.

  • Sam

    Andrew, you’re a dick. Just FYI, this picture is beautiful. So stop with the pretentious shit because you think you’re an amazing photographer. No one cares.

  • haha funny comment – thanks

  • jim

    This picture might not be half bad if you hadn’t hdr’d the shit out of it. unlike andrew, i think that your photography skills are very good, you just need to lay off the hdr a bit.

  • exciting

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