Dante’s Gates of Hell

This is Rodin’s huge famous La Porte de l”Enfer, also known as the Gates of Hell. I found it off to the side of the Musee Rodin in Paris while I was in a tempestuous mood.

The sculpture depicts a scene from Dante’s “The Inferno”. It contains over 180 of his finest sculptures. If you look closely towards the center of the top, you can see “The Thinker”, one of his most famous.

Dante's Gates of Hell (by Stuck in Customstream)

  • why were you in I was a tempestuous mood ?? Maybe it was some sort of invitation to wadge vengence on what put you in that mood.

    very nice!

  • Natesh

    http://www.betterphoto.com/gallery/gallery.asp?memberID=249043 check this out by the way I really like these gates and thanks I am working on a sketch similar to this and I could not find any good reference of the gates on the internet so thanks I like the texture that you have given it as well

  • How did you light this? SB-800 with a red gel? Or filled in the color?

  • Thanks yall – I did use a sb-800 – but also used a lot of textures and post-processing for the red.

  • Wow! love the textures… looks like a painting.

  • Musee Rodin is my favorite museum in Paris… wonderful picture 🙂

  • Simply amazing work. Your HDRs are truly wonderful.

  • Thanks!

  • Great vignette – texture is ace!

  • This photo is outstanding. I came across it completely by chance and I love it. I would like to use it as the cover for my band’s upcoming album. Please get back to me, or message us on our MySpace.

    Dominic – Last Day Of Sun

  • Abe

    Simply Perfect !

    With your permission and if you don’t mind i would like to make from this pic (love it) a poster (noncommercial purpose) for me and put in my room. Thanks dude !

  • Stunning work!

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