The Hidden Buddhist Temple of Borobudur at Sunrise

This morning I got a wakeup call at 3:30 AM to head out on a distant trek to Borobudur to climb the temple before sunrise. I had a flashlight and a fully loaded iPod for the ascent. I stayed at the top and all around the temple for most of the morning, collecting shots here and there as misty clouds rolled in, through, around, and over the temple.

This temple laid abandoned and overgrown for about 800 years until it was rediscovered by the British.

You can see the distant volcano rumbing in the morning sunrise…

The Hidden Buddhist Temple of Borobudur at Sunrise

  • now why would one listen to music while hiking?
    great pic by the way.

  • i also would’ve skipped the ipod in such a place. but that’s just me.

    this is an absolutely beautiful photo.

  • Completely different aspect to the commonly seen photos. Thanks.

  • great shot , power shot :)) :d
    wonderful picture

  • Absolutely gorgeous! Wish I could be there too one day.

  • Susan

    Wow Trey! One of your best ever – absolutely beautiful – wish I was there – but it might have taken me till sundown to make the hike!

  • This shot is stunning, excellent capture!

  • Thats is A really great shot. The colors are Great

  • Hey thanks all! Wait till you see the next one… hope to post soon!

  • Trey….great shot….glad to see you took my advice of getting there early. Were there tons of post card sellers trailing you? Looking forward to your next shot….


  • Eric M

    Wow you got a lot of comments on this one! I remember seeing a picture of this in my Religious Studies class a few years back, great shot!

  • Natesh

    I like this one a lot

  • Thanks all! Well I think you will like the next one too, from another nearby temple…

  • who were you listening to?

  • I have a playlist of photography music that is ambient / chant / etc…

  • Datta

    It is serene place.It pains that it was abandoned for long time.

  • Me

    I can understand the iPod. I would take my MP3 player backpacking, back in the dark ages when 128 mb of internal storage was amazing (before my knee exploded). For a day hike, not as often, but on a week long trip there are times when you want to zone out a bit.

    As far as this photo, what did you do with it? It seems to have an unnatural lack of shadow and exposure variance. Even more so than many HDR photos, but not as unnatural. I can’t see a neutral density filter effects…maybe sunrise from behind, a long enough lens to hide the photographer’s shadow, and some strange color work.

    It’s very beautiful, but at first glance I would guess unbelievably well done digital creation, rather than photo.

  • Yes… I really like listening to music while I shoot… puts me in an alternate state of mind.

    This photo used my little technique that I describe in the tutorial there on the right.

  • not so secret anymore is it?

  • deidre

    the monks have such a unique way of life

  • lil texas rose

    mindblowing. unbelievable. This photo is fantastic! Looks like something out of a fantasy video game. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I’m doing a painting with this photo as reference.

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