The Rooftop Garden

This is one of the remote temples in the jungles around Angkor Wat. It remained buried in the jungle for several hundred years before it was rediscovered by Englishmen drinking tea and probably saying, “Blimey!”

The Rooftop Garden

  • Vik

    Trey..its amazing how you play with colors. Can you point me in the right direction as to how can an amatuer like me learn to do similar editing in the pictures I take. I mean the softwares that are required etc.. I am very very keen to learn. This takes the photography to a different level..

    Please do advise


  • DAn

    I think Frenchmen discovered it. They probably said “sacre bleu”.

    Stunning Photography (with a capital P) as ever

  • Hey thanks so much! 🙂

    Vik, I have a tutorial up you might enjoy at

  • brilliant!

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  • MrPicky

    Whats up with the black lines around the trees and closest building?

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