Rent Control

Here is a block of apartments in Kharkov, Ukraine.
Rent Control

  • I’m always fascinated by the editing you do…how do you create such ominous clouds? And you’ve always got such an interesting perspective. Thanks for posting so us novices out here can begin to pick up a tip or two from your photos.

  • I love these HDR shots! Good work!

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  • I just found this site and your pictures are amazing. How did you get this look ?

  • Thanks! Just be search on the right there for “tutorial” – I have a little guide.

  • Mimino

    Haha! I worked in this building!! There are so many illegal enterprises along that old street! Poltavskiy Shlyakh!

  • mark

    Very similar buildings, although the one I rented my “Flat” from was much better shape.

    I remember the address: SUMSKAYA STREET 36/38 APARTMENT 64 KHARKOV

    Across the street was this big park and i could see all the university buildings.

    Across on a diagonal to the left was a Huge Building for ballet and they advertised you the next big ticket would be come in.
    Across the street from that building{same side as my apartment} was this “Rings” ceremony spot were people get married. It was a domed like open structure if i remember correctly.

  • Anonymous

    hey mark,I too rented many flats that looked bad from the outside but when u opened up the 4 locks …the insides were top end !!!
    The park where lovers come to make a wish is going to be torn down….The locals all were mad about this! They say a big church wanted the land…….The best breakfast in the world is down the street in the hotel CHICHIKOV/Over the top food and atmosphere !!!!

  • As one who lives in Kharkiv I can say that it is at Poltavskii Shlyah street.)
    It’s not that place you’re speaking about.

    This building is amazing.I have been living near it since 1996 and all that time I do love it. I’ve never seen this building when people were using it, but it’s totally wonderful. One of the most beautiful beldings in Kharkiv.

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