The Caldari Missile Launcher

I’m getting psyched for my next trip up to Iceland for the Eve Fan Fest, so I am posting this picture I have finally gotten to from Reykjavik. I heard there are over 1,000 people coming from all over the world for the event. I’ll be happy to represent the old guard of Taggart Transdimensional.

The Caldari Missile Launcher

  • You lucky devil!!

    Have fun for the rest of us! I’m looking forward to the tons of great photos from the fan fest and Iceland that you’ll be taking!


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  • Too funny. I’ve been an on & off reader of this blog fr awhile since I’m a photographer, so it was kind of funny when I found a link to it while doing a search for Caldari.

    How are you not going to post your in game name though?

    Atraxerxes (aka AX)

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