Holy Frakin’ Shanghai

I can’t believe the size of Shanghai. Not only is the current size unlike anything I have ever seen, but the current construction will dwarf it’s current state, currently.

They don’t call it "capitalism" – they call it "market economy". Whatever they call it, you don’t see people reading Mao’s Little Red Book any more.

Holy Frakin Shanghai

  • Susan

    Wow! So much different than I expected! Great one Trey!

  • that’s astounding.

  • Blackwidow

    this is not a real photo, right? looks 3d modeling … if it’s a photo, how do you do that?

  • Trey thanks for showing us the world from your perspective. It’s interesting to see things in a way that hasn’t been hyped by the media.

  • bleep

    that’s a lot of currents in one sentence

  • DUDE DUDE, this picture is incredible! I looked up close and Jebus! It’s so crazy. It blows me away, you are awesome.

  • I can see the apartmentbuilding I stayed in 6 months! Pretty cool! 🙂

  • Thanks for srhinag. What a pleasure to read!

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