Fortress Cathedral, the biggest and most beautiful building in Kharkov

Kharkov has a Russian old world feeling about it, and nothing shows that better than the Blagovishensky Cathedral in the central part of the city. It’s huge – enormously huge in an imposing Soviet state sanctioned religion kinda way. I did not get a chance to go inside of it, but next trip I will.

Fortress Cathedral

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  • Oliver Coningham

    First of, thank you for sharing your beautiful and creative photography with me and all the other readers.

    Secondly, I have had to unsubscribe from your RSS feed – why is it showing hundreds of entries when someone posts a new photo to Flickr?

  • Same here! Just unsubscribed because of that. Please fix it somehow. And yeah, I’m a huge fan. Your work is excellent. I’ll resubscribe later.

  • Triple that. Your RSS feed was working fine before, but I think you tried to integrate your Flickr feed as well….but now, its pulling in photos from all you contacts as well (or at least thats what I think).

    When you fix this, I can get back to really reading your blog, the way it was intended: stunning photography with compelling commentary.

  • Gina

    I was just going to leave the same thing! Love the photos. They always brighten up my day!

  • charles

    wonderfull and most beautifull shot

  • Jan

    great shot!
    i can only imagine how that looks from the inside

  • beauty

    I’m not a Christian…….but regarding creativity and brilliance…. This is really a true piece of art, which deserves all respect
    I wish that everyone would post beautiful pictures…
    People need to be surrounded with beauty


  • what a wonderful constructrion is it!it proves that the humans are responsible of caring the world!i am a high school student!

  • i want to thank the workers!

  • Mike

    You should make every effort to get there! I went in on 12/21/10 with my fiancee and we venerated several of the saints in repose inside! It is more beautiful inside than outeside, and the outside is simply AWESOME!!! That’s all I can say! You should also go to Kiev and go to the Kiev Pachersk Lavra (Kiev Caves) if you want to experience something special. It’s the home of many of the Orthodox Saints, as well as several of the Catholics prior to the Great Schism…

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