A Day in Haarlem

After spending most of the day in Haarlem, I’m now convinced that it is a much better place than Amsterdam in almost every way, unless you count massive quantities of stoned British soccer hooligans as an important part of your Rick Steves’ featureset.

I took the train from Amsterdam to Haarlem after spending a while trying to figure out the Dutch train schedule, which required the discovery of a WW2 enigma machine. It was only about 15 km away, so it was a short ride. The town of Haarlem itself was extremely nice, completely unlike the Harlem in New York.

I spent most of the day walking around with my camera and my iPod. I must have walked about 15 km around the city getting completely lost in little alleyways. I took a ton of pictures and have only had a short amount of time to process a few of them for now. These things take a while, since my workflow on these things is Sisyphusian at best.

The first picture below is of Grote Kerk. At the end of the church is a famous pipe organ that Mozart once played on as a child. The pipe organ is 100 feet high with over 5,000 pipes. I recommend the Large version on black.
Mozart's Toy

Stained Blue

  • Susan

    These are beautiful Trey – what adventures you have!

  • Yep, enough alleyways in the Netherlands. I think thats why a Dutch compagny had the best navigationsystem the World (TomTom).

    Greetings Digicla

  • Lesley

    I love your photos – I have just returned home to Australia after a holiday in Holland – I totally fell in love with the place. I would like to know what your workflow is with your photos – they are fantastic.
    Regards Lesley

  • Thanks! I have a tutorial at http://stuckincustoms.com/2006/06/06/548/ might help you!

  • Paul

    I live in Holland (The Hague) and have lots of friends in Haarlem. I showed them your photos and we all think they are some of the most wonderful shots we’ve seen of the place. Fantastic work!

  • Richard In Denver CO

    How do you get the colors of the photos?

  • Thanks!

    I use the HDR technique – you can see it over there on the right in the HDR Tutorial

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