Morning Rainstorm over Vesuvius and Pompeii

On the morning I left Naples, I went to the top of my hotel to eat breakfast on the roof, and I saw these incoming clouds and a rain over Vesuvius. So, naturally, I had to grab my ever-present camera.

Morning Rainstorm Over Vesuvius and Pompeii

  • mike

    Truly amazing shot!

  • very attractive shot really
    you are super photographer thank you very much for this beautiful pic

  • Claire

    This is edited right?

  • Man, this is amazing!!! What have you done, captured god’s eye of the world!? Thanks for your delightful-looking, independent blog. Inspiring, and : GREAT photo. Thanks again. Here: have a poem I just wrote:
    Shall I compare thee to a mid-Summer rainstorm?
    Wild bursts of rain, trembling trees and fiery skies,
    On such days the liveliest babies are born,
    A mysterious sparkle shines forth from their eyes,

    A rich world of wisdom, I’m told, they ought to find
    When they’re grown with strength to reshape the land,
    Cups left untouched while kind are killing kind
    On the battlefield of life their hopes reduced to sand

    So, tell me, what sort of rainstorm are thee?
    When the men approach the raven will call
    up to pure hills free of enterprise, may you flee
    Where we may celebrate our worthy withdrawal

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