Douglas at Dusk

Something about our latitude + the time of the year + the Irish sea made the sky an unearthly blue at dusk, so I went out to grab a few pictures. The local Manx people scowled at me as I set up my tripod on the side of the street in the rain, but they pretty much scowl at everything, whether it is rain or shine, and it is usually the former.

The second picture is of the outside Theatre and Opera House that was showing a play about the American south called Night Mother. I’ll save that picture for the next post, because I think it is an interesting composition by itself.

Douglas at Dusk

Opera House

  • Mom

    Too beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  • Boakesey

    Having drooled over your Icelandic shots, I’m glad to see you managed to get over to my stomping ground, too – namely the good old Isle of Man.
    However, please don’t think all Manxies are dour and grumpy, ‘coz we’re not!
    There are a lot of happy, fun folks here too and lots more places to photograph, so do come back to see us again some time.

  • Haha thanks – yes – I met many a nice Manx! 🙂

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