More pictures from UT

After the class I walked around UT for about half and hour and snapped a few pictures of the campus.

The Fountain and the Bell Tower

The Black Horseman

The capitol from the UT campus

All Turtles in a Line

The Flamers of UT

  • That’s the wildest turtle orgy I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Lauren

    Forget the turtles, what on earth is going on in that second picture?

  • I think that’s called bukkake.

  • Haha – yes that is really a picture of Will working out and visiting the water fountain for a sip of water.

  • Will

    Actually that is my industrial style bidet that I use to clean my backside…

  • You’ve got to be very careful with a bidet like that. You could injure yourself very easily.

  • Lauren

    Oh, that can happen quite often with or without the bidet…
    Then Will makes me get dental work done so he can use me to reap the sweet vicodin induced benefits.

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