Topaz Adjust Review

Topaz Adjust is cool! In short, it is a very simple, elegant, and easy to use product that allows you to achieve HDR-like results from a single image. I use it a lot, both as a product by itself, and as a finishing touch after my normal HDR process.

If you choose to order it from the Topaz Website (immediate download for the impatient!). At checkout, use the coupon code “STUCKINCUSTOMS” to save 10%. I recommend you get the full Photoshop Bundle, because it comes with all their products and it is a tremendous deal.  I use many of their products and even have a Topaz Detail review here on the site as well.  

I’ve heard from a few different photography friends that I should really try this thing, and I am glad I did. It’s really a wonderful product and I could not recommend it any more. I told the guys at Topaz that I was going to give this a positive review, and I only recommend software that I actually use.

Okay, now, on with the review! As you know, my reviews are usually short and sweet and I let the results speak for themselves. I’ll get started with a few photos where I used Topaz Adjust.

A Morning at the Secret Lake

HDR Photo

Chicago from a Chopper

The River Runs Through the Andes

A Sunset on a Texas Farm This photo was shot about two hours outside of Austin in a little town called Brady.  You'd like it.  They have a Sonic there.  This was a 5-exposure HDR shot at f/16.  This kept everything in focus and kept the shutter open long enough to let the clouds drag across the sensor.  In these conditions, you don’t have a lot of time to fool around because the sun is bookin’ it towards the horizon.- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

The Secret Workshop of Jules Verne This is perhaps my favorite find on my most recent trip to Europe.  How can a place so wonderful exist in our world?  It's amazing.I got a recommendation from a close friend that told me I would love this place.  And he was right!  As usual, to see the full-size image, click Original in the menu that appears when you hover over the image in SmugMug.This is the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle and is one of the least-known places in Paris.  Everyone goes for the hot tourist spots, and this museum sounds rather boring, yes?  But as you can see... au contraire!- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

The Secret Crystal LakeThis remote lake was so icy cold.  You would think it's about 33 degrees or something, right?  It felt like absolute zero.  I dropped a little piece of my tripod in here and my hand almost froze off trying to retrieve it.In the distance you can see where the glacier comes into contact with the glassy lake; it gives a sense of the epic scale here.- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Boat in Feng HuangIt was a cool and calm afternoon in the ancient and impossible town of Feng Huang. It's an old town, wreathed in many legends.On the old river, you can occasionally see a boat passing here and there. The boatmen come in all shapes and sizes, but many wear the same hat and style. It is absolutely like a warp of time...- Trey RatcliffRead more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Bustling Beijing Getting this photo was not easy at all!I knew of this area of Beijing called the CBD, or Central Business District.  I notice that they have all these catchy names here, much like the building I took this photo from: "China Merchants Building."  At any rate, I had the driver circle the business district a few times so I could find a good angle.  We found one in this building, but did not know if we could take a photo from the top floor.  Woo went in first.  This might have been a mistake because during the shoot he admitted he had a dreadful fear of heights.  But he said it in such a charming British accent I thought it could have been my subconscious.We went up to the 32nd floor.  No windows no dice.  We then went to the 31st floor, but the confused secretary would not let us through.  Then we tried 30.  The secretary said yes and let us into a boardroom, but the angle was not right and the other offices were busy.  So we went to 29.The secretary on 29 was confused so I instructed Woo to tell her, firmly, "We are with the Government."- Trey RatcliffFind out what happened here at

So, Topaz Adjust is a Photoshop plugin that produces HDR-like results from a single image.

Once you have your image up in photoshop, selecting the plugin will open up a very friendly window that could not be any more simple. The Topaz team has created an amazing simple (and fun!) UI.

Over on the left, there are dozens of presets. Normally, I hate presets and I can never find a single one to meet my needs. However, there is such a nice variety that you can get a cool first adjustment. Something that is very smart about these previews is that they show little thumbnails. Clicking on one of them quickly shows the larger version on the right. VERY quickly. I’m used to having plugin options churn away forever just to get a preview. It’s not like that with Topaz; it’s almost immediate!

After you choose one of the presets from the left, you can then make a bunch of micro-adjustments with the sliders on the bottom. There are so many things you can do… it is simply amazing. The names are strange because the effects are strange. Much like other tools, I recommend you play with them a lot to get familiar with them. I don’t plan on talking about each feature… but for example, the “Boost” slider seems to really pump up the “HDR” effect.

Below, I have put a lot of pics from the tool so you get an idea of what I mean. Also, you can see the “before” shot of the 57 Chevy before I ran it through Topaz Adjust. I used the “Spicify” filter, which is really a bit too extreme, so I dialed down everything a bit. I believe that every image is different, and you should use Topaz differently with each image.

In the last one, you will see that I am using the built-in Noise Reduction. If you also have Topaz DeNoise, you can check that box and it will use those improved algorithms. I think both are good together, and that is why I recommended the full bundle up above with the link. Besides, the bundle comes with Topaz Simplify, which is another plugin that lets you do some painterly things to your photos.

In sum, I think it’s a wonderful product. I’m happy to use it. I’ll continue using it… and I look forward to what is coming next from these guys!


Topaz Adjust - Adjust Exposure, Details, and Color

Topaz Adjust - Adjust Exposure, Details, and Color-1

Topaz Adjust - Adjust Exposure, Details, and Color-2

Topaz Adjust - Adjust Exposure, Details, and Color-3


Any questions about the nature of these reviews? Visit my Ethics Statement. It’s all quite simple!

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  • Trey….thanks for this….I will check it out.


  • david

    trey…nice review and introduction. i will definitely look at it based on your use and review.


  • Mark

    Crap! I just bought it 2 days ago. I could have saved a few bucks. Topaz adjust rocks, I’m having a blast giving life to some old images.


  • Cool great!

    Sorry about that Mark… I guess I was too slow in the review! But you are right… since it only requires 1 image, you can go back and re-process some of your older stuff.

  • Good review, Trey. I have been using it for some time. Here’s a link to all my stuff on flickr tagged with “topaz”:

    evan aka ecstaticist

  • Thanks for introducing me to this nice software package. You might want to include a link to their site, I had to google them 🙂

  • Sounds cool. I recently bought Photo Whiz Contrast Master and it seems to work well. I’d be curious to see you compare the two. This sounds like it might have a better UI and I definitely like the sound of the noise reducer. Have you checked out Contrast Master yet?

  • Looked cool enough before the Topazing. And the background shadows on the left side look way too over-processed. I think I’ll avoid this software for now. The rest of the image looks cool though. Not as good as an HDR, but better than nothing when you only have one image.

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  • Nice review Trey.
    As I told you, I use it on my 3 exposure HDR’s as a final “tweak”.
    Basically I make a new layer, then do HORRIBLY extreme things to it, then bring down the opacity to “mix” it with the finished HDR, so the effects are very subtle. I think it is great for that! Like this one (for people who read this comment & not the one on the main page)
    And DRAT for me too, I only bought it a couple of weeks ago, after trialling it

  • kiwi

    i knew it, i knew when you said you were going to review a product that it might be topaz, i had let the trial version expire a year ago and revisited it last week, i saw that there were discount codes available but couldnt find one, i knew you sometimes have codes for products, and low and behold here it is, thanks im 10% richer. i have found it to be a great plug in for single frame portraits.

  • It is a great too l Trey. I have been using it for about 4 months and when an image just needs something special to make it pop Topaz Adjust can be just the thing. It may be worth mentioning, especially for anyone getting started in Photoshop, that duplicating the background layer before using it (CTL/CMD+J) and then using it on the new layer allows adjusting the opacity of that layer and lets you ‘dial up/down’ the effect.

  • JB

    So to all of you who are using Topaz, where do you think it ranks compared to Lucis Pro? It looks pretty similar.

  • Zsolt – sorry about that – I added a link to their site.

    Jeff – no I have not tried that product yet… I’ll get it in my queue!

    Steve – Thanks for the feedback. I cranked this one up a little bit to show what Topaz can do… but I tend to agree with your assessment

    Neil – That seems like a good final step… I do the same thing sometimes.

    Phil – Yes exactly right. I always dupe the layer too… I was gonna mention that, but I didn’t want to get too tutorially! 🙂

  • It’s nice to see an expert like you praise this product. I found it a couple of months ago (got in on a deal that gave Adjust free with the purchase of Denoise) and it has been a fun tool to explore. It can take what was a bit of a bland photo and open it up to new possibilities without having to spend hours in Photoshop. It has been great to go through older files that disappointed a bit and find a great picture there after all.

    In addition to the extreme HDR effects you can achieve, it is also a great tool for just getting contrast and/or color pop.

    The noise reduction tool (Denoise) is a great product as well. I took some shots at the beach a couple of years ago with the camera still on ISO 800. Hard light make for terrible noise but Denoise did a great job of rescuing them.

    I haven’t sprung for Simplify so I would appreciate a bit of a review of that one from you if you could.

    Thanks again. It’s nice to have confirmation of something I’ve begun to use a lot.

  • COOL! I’m going to go check that software out. Great photos and excellent results. I’ve been able to get some similar results with Photoshop’s Camera RAW on a single JPG image. But then I tried HDR Max and my images really came alive. I was thinking of buying that, but I’ll check this out first. Thanks!

  • Facebook User

    I downloaded the package and gave it a whirl. As a test, I processed a bird picture I’d done just a few days ago and compared them. Topaz won, hands down. This package really does make post-processing much faster and easier. Gee, I guess I’ll have to scrape up the money somehow and buy it (the price is reasonable, but I’ve been unemployed for almost four months!). –Fenraven

  • Fenraven – Glad you like it! Sorry the unemployment continues! Best of luck though…. I think there are always cool things out there that we want but can barely afford whether or not employment exists! 🙂

  • I agree with you about Topaz Adjust. I have been using it for several months now, and I love it. It adds pop, and grittiness to some pictures.

  • hi trey,

    could you tell me whether you think this is as good as photomatix pro as i am debating which bit of software to buy so i can start making my own HDRs. Currently messing with the PM Pro trial and am very impressed by it

    thanks, dan

  • If you can only pick ONE, I still say Photomatix. However, I do use both quite a bit. Topaz can be used to add some pop back in after Photomatix.

    There are occasions when you do only have one shot and it just won’t convert very well with Photomatix… in those cases, you can Topaz it! 🙂

  • I have used Photomatix before, and I find that using Topaz on single image can produce just as stunning results as an HDR! I think the key with Topaz is to fade it as you see fit with your image. I use Topaz to varying degrees depending on the quality, size, and composition of my image. Sometimes I like to play with old scanned photos in Photoshop. In that case, I generally avoid Topaz or do it lightly, because it brings out the imperfections in the quality.

    Great work with the software though – you only just got it and you already seemed to have it mastered – I originally mistook these images for HDR!

  • Trey,

    I have been using Topaz Adjust with some ACR shots and it can really make a bland image come alive.


  • Trey,

    I’ve been using a product called Dynamic Photo that also uses single raw or jpeg to do a pseudo-HDR effect, and am quite happy with it. Are you familiar with DP, and how do you feel it compares to Topaz?

    Almost all of the shots here were done with DP and a sinbgle raw or jpeg..

  • Facebook User

    Great review Trey!! cool stuff 😉

  • Facebook User

    Trey – thanks so much – downloaded it today; played around with it for 20mn, bought it. Love it 🙂

  • Hey Trey,

    Thanks for the review, I am downloading it now……Ferrell McCollough also reccomended it, so I have to get it…..anyhow….great work…T

  • i never use the Topaz software, Trey !!
    Are you use often this technique when you make your HDR ?

  • Thanks all.

    I sometimes use Topaz to add some pop to the photos after HDRing…yes. Sometimes, I JUST Topaz – depends on the sitch!

  • Facebook User

    It’s summer, I don’t have to pay for heat…so I bought this software. I really, really like it. The noise reduction is the best I’ve used; it leaves me the details I want and gets rid of the noise I don’t. Thanks for the review. I’d never have known about Topaz if you hadn’t posted this. -Fenraven

  • Great to hear Fen! 🙂

  • William Day

    Your web site is great. Where do I find the coupon?

  • Based on your site, I went to an HDR class yesterday and I have purchased the software you recommended. Results of a couple of shots are here with the HDR following the jpg. Last photo was just a single shot instead of the 5 shot spread.
    Thanks for the tips and getting me into this type of photography.

  • Lenny

    Ken Rockwell mentioned how good your HDR images are and I have to agree. They are the best HDR photos I have seen ! I just read your review of Lucis Art Pro 6.0. I have all of the Topaz products and I really like them. You said in your review that the advantage of Lucis Art Pro is that you can adjust the color channels individually. Can the same thing be done using Topaz Adjust seperately on each channel ? One look at your photos and I was ready to buy Lucis Art Pro which I can’t really afford right now.

  • Fantastic stuff – thanks so much yall…

    Lenny – yes – you can do that – I’d keep experimenting – both are good.

  • Hey Trey, i referred Ken Rockwell to your site
    any tips on how to get past swiss guides with a tripod when going to shoot St Peters in hdr?
    Kindest Regards
    Maurice from Australia

  • THanks Maurice – great of you to do that! 🙂

    I don’t have many suggestions — swiss guards are tough!

  • Joe

    Hi Trey, forgetting price for a moment I am having a real problem trying to fathom out the main differences between Topaz and Lucis Pro 6.00. Would I be right in saying one is fundamentally a more refined version of the other or has Lucis Pro actual cutting edge differences? Any feedback would be well appreciated as I intend to purchase asap. Thanks

  • mikhailogrpahy

    thanks for the REVIEW!

  • My first introduction to you and your photos was in the Complete Guide to HDR Photography book (which is excellent). From your website I found Stuck in Customs and your HDR Tutorial. Excellent sites and very useful. Next I saw your review on Noiseware. After deliberating over it and several other noise reduction programs, I purchased it. Excellent, again. Then, I saw your review of Topaz Adjust. Fantastic program. I find myself not only running all of my new HDR photos through it but I’ve been going back and running many of my previous photos through it. So, Trey, you are batting 1000% with me on every suggestion you’ve made. I have referred many of my photography friends to you and your websites. Thank you sincerely.

  • jason

    have you tried topaz detail? awesome sharpening program!

  • Lilliane P

    Another vote for Topaz Adjust. I personally prefer a somewhat subtle HDR look and Topaz does it perfectly. As mentioned above, I’m also having a ball redoing some of my older images. Try out their other plug-ins as well. Detail is awesome for the right image.

  • ????????????? ??????? ? ???? ?????????? 🙂 ??????? ?? ??????? ??, ??? ???? ????? ?????? 🙂

  • If you had to choose between Topaz and Lucus Pro which would you find to be more useful? Also, would Topaz’s noise filter be an equal to or at least a close competitor to Noiseware?

  • It is a good question! Well… I think Topaz is maybe a little better in terms of speed and quick flexibility. However, I still use both! 🙂

    As for the Noise Reduction, I use the Topaz one while using Topaz. Otherwise, I still use Noiseware.

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  • To anyone not sure if topaz is worth it…..stop wondering. USE THIS PRODUCT. As simple as that. If you want your images to just have that something different over everyone else’s then you will NOT be disappointed.

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  • Trey, thanks a lot for the introduction of Topaz. It is really great tool for remaking, especially for the single shots. I was using pseudoHDR technique, when I had a single RAW, but with JPEGs I couldn’t do anything. Now my photos look really different, and I am having really fun with the processing cause the user interface is really SIMPLE. Again, thanks a lot!!!

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  • Mike May

    I started doing HDR summer 2009. Your direction and advice has helped immensely. I am buying your book for the pleasure of enjoying your photography (and to return to you some value that your advice provides to me)

    For Maurice G, we travelled to Italy this summer and were able to make HDR ready shots in St Peters using a Monopod. The photographer’s body becomes part of the tripod (hold your breath) – it’s not perfect but better than nothing. Got some great shots that i am looking forward to reprocessing using your methods.


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  • I have just purchased the Topaz suite. It is great an I am going to use it a lot.

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  • Joan Goddard


    I first learned of Topaz from Rick Sammon who gave a seminar for my photo club. I bought the bundle after using the free trial. My favorite is Detail 2 which also has some great presets, some not as extreme as those in Adjust. I didn’t get the upgrade yet. They sent me an email when they ugraded Detail. I guess it is forthcoming.

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  • Hi Trey;
    I’m a very big fan of your work and thanks to this review I’m currently trying out Topaz for mac on my latest tries at HDR. I only have one problem with it, the logarithms it uses for giving your images extra “pop” appear very good when the image is viewed in small or medium size on the computer, however, when my images are viewed in a larger size (i.e original in flickr) and when they are printed out in a slightly large size the logarithm’s patterns can be appreciated and they seem to screw up the image. This happens specially when printing, the first image in my flickr ( is treated with topaz, when I printed on a slightly large size, the cool look topaz gave to the stones falls apart as the small pixelation patterns it has done on them are easily visible to the eye. I have only experimented to the moment for this image with the photo pop preset. Any Ideas? Am I using the sliders wrongly?
    Thanks in advance;
    Alex (contact me by email if you desire)

  • It’s actually the second image now, and my flickr had a typo:

  • Joe

    Tried to download Topaz – never got a trial key via email as they said would happen. Emailed them as suggested and got a response that they no longer monitored their email. Basically they’ve stonewalled themselves with a forum that when you click on links about topics for the most part take you nowhere. My experience tells me they totally suck! Wish I could have actually tried the product!

    Thank you for contacting us. It is our pleasure to assist you with questions and issues related to our products. As you may have noticed, we have recently moved our support assistance over to our new Support Forum.

    This move is a part of our ongoing efforts to offer you the best and quickest support possible. In particular, we hope this change will address the email deliverability problems we have been experiencing (mostly due to spam filters). Most of all, we want to make the support process as easy and simple as possible, while quickly getting you the answers that you need so that you can enjoy your Topaz software.

    Our Knowledge Base and Forum are both administered and monitored directly by our in-house staff Monday – Friday 8:30 to 5:30 CST, so rest assure that you will always receive a timely and courteous response to all questions and inquiries. Best of all, you can access the Knowledge Base and the Forum 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in most cases your question may have already been discussed and answer there.

    If you have already written your support request in an email you can easily transfer that to the forum. Please copy your pre-written message and paste it into a new or an existing thread on the Support Forum by clicking on the blue ?+New Thread? button in the Support Forum.

    Please visit: to post your message.

    We look forward to receiving your message.

    Best regards,

    Ashley Robinson
    Product Specialist
    Topaz Labs, LLC

    P.S. Sorry this email account is no longer monitored. Any emails sent unfortunately can not be responded to.

  • Joe

    The keys finally showed up after I removed the software:-o Maybe I was hasty with my remarks – although companies that only allow contact through forums seen to want to avoid direct contact with customers which may not be a good thing!

  • This is a great program, I have been using it for some time now. I ave also found that there latest release of Topaz Denoise works great with HDR images. Here is a link to some of my HDR photos on my blog.
    PS love your work.

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  • Bob Wollman

    Will Adjust work with Corel PSP X3?

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  • Richard

    to Bob Wollman.. works w/PSP X2.. I don’t use it for everything, but I run pics thru the plugin to weigh things and always save my original. Just wished Topaz stuff works w/Bibble..tho I know that the software hasn’t risen as fast as either PS or PSP.. Ever think of trying their stuff, Trey? … after all, developed in Austin..

  • This program is like the icing on top of the cake. Thanks Trey.

  • i really like this software and recently bought the bundle. Trey, i was just wondering, how do you know when you have overdone a photo? sometimes i think perhaps i have overdone it on the HDR Effect or any other effect for that matter. Any tips?

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  • Thanks for the review, I’ll probably purchase at least Topaz Adjust this weekend. By the way, the link “Photoshop Bundle” appears to be broken on this article (just so ya know! 🙂

  • Topaz Labs has a Bundle pacakage for about $179.99 and if you are a NAPP member you get an extra 25% off on top of that. It drops it to the $130+ range which is a pretty good deal.

    I have not used it yet. Excited to see how it performs. I’m also looking at the NIK bundle.

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  • Glad to read this updated review, Trey. Just seems like yesterday that we were discussing this great software.

    Top notch review, my friend.

  • Stan Greenberg

    Just looked at your Topaz Adjust “Review.” I saw a few photos but no commentary–eg., how you made the image, was it after Photoshop, after HDR, etc. WHERE IS THE REVIEW?

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  • Hi Trey, I have been considering buying photomatix but then understand I need to deal with the noise issue. I understand that Topaz DeNoise is good for that problem, but then I seen you talk about Topaz Adjust that can do a HDR image with one shot. My question is will I get the same great effect that I would get combining the first 2 softwares or can I get away cheaper with just the Topaz Ajust and will it to get rid of noise like the Topaz DeNoise. Appreciate your feedback

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  • Hi Trey,
    I just started using Photomatix and found your review today. I look forward to trying out Topaz.
    Thanks for your wonderful advice and work.

  • Great tutorial. I recently picked up topaz adjust, and I love the results. Especially when using smart filters.

  • Topaz Adjust is a wonderful product. I have had 2 friends say they don’t like it but the object of the presets is a starting point and there is lots of latitude for further adjustments. Blending PS layers with the Topaz Adjust layer is another way to make the image results more subtle. Rick Sammon has a You Tube video on finessing Topaz Adjust. Topaz Adjust is a great and still affordable product.

  • lerican

    you obviously have a good eye and are able to compose great images. HOWEVER, your over-reliance on Topaz and HDR processing makes your images a bit too other-worldly. Try some more subtle adjustments and tweaks and your images would be much better

  • LOVE Psychedelic is awesome and all the other filters as well!!

  • Hi Troy – would you recommend getting the photoshop or light room plug in ? I am only starting out in ‘profesional’ photography but I seem to be using lightroom more….

  • Hi Troy – would you recommend getting the photoshop or light room plug in ? I am only starting out in ‘profesional’ photography but I seem to be using lightroom more….

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  • caroline4141

    Hello, Trey:

    Thanks so much for this site. I have been a photographer all my life and over the past 7 years I’ve hit a wall. Bored with everything, extremely uninspired. HDR has given me a new joy with photography and  your site has been a great inspiration for me. Now all I have to do is create some nice compositions and get to know the HDR process better. (I still suck at it.)

    My question: Can you tell me which photos above were used in Photomatix first, before using Topaz? I asume the car was not used in Photomatic and came from a single image.

    Thanks again, Trey!


  • wbj

    Frankly I don’t see the need to buy both Photomatix and Topaz to get what’s included in one package like Nik.  I think anyone who watches a few webinars from Nik would agree.  And I don’t work for Nik, I’m just someone who has done their own testing and owns both Nik and Photomatix.

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  • Trey ,  if any body is having issues running  Topaz in CS6 here is how to fix it.

    – go to your preferences menu in Photoshop and select Plug-ins. Check /
    enable the Additional Plug-ins Folder option then click Choose. After
    that, please navigate to: C: Program Files and select the Topaz Labs
    folder. Then click Choose (or it may say Save / OK) to save this back
    to Photoshop. Back in Photoshop click OK to save your changes, then
    restart Photoshop. Once Photoshop opens, go to your Filter menu and you
    should be able to access Topaz.

    Brian Dewey

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  • Michael Smith

    Topaz denoise is the best! as my camera is far from the greatest I use this a lot to smooth out my images. Definitely worth the money!

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  • Chris Formont

    My SONY NEX 5n came with a RAW image editing software. My question is should I purchase Lightroom? I’m sure it ismore in depth but can I do pretty much the same thing with the software I have that came with the camera? I’m just a litle confused on all the software listed and don’t want to buy a bunch of it I don’t really need.Thx

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  • Hi Chris,

    It depends on what you’re looking to do with the software. If you want to do HDR processing, you’re going to need HDR processing software like Photomatix and image editing software, best if it can handle layers. Basic post-processing might be good with that free software.

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  • Hi Trey. I thought you should know. I purchased Adjust 5.1 on the back of this post on 15th August. As yet there is no indication that it will ever work properly after 30+ emails between me and Support. I quote “… there are definitely some other customers who have had issues with the new version of Adjust.” About 10 days ago Topaz told me to un-install 5.1 and install an older version while they were sorting it out. Yesterday I was instructed to un-install the older version and install 5.1 again. This didn’t work and now I have no version installed as I can’t re-install the old version. Support are very pleasant but my patience is running out. It seems I have wasted 5 weeks and hours learning to operate new ‘highly recommended’ software with nothing to show for it. I tore all my hair out years ago so I can’t do that again!! You are a great photographer and I value your expertise but I learned years ago to always be careful what you recommend.

  • George Mattei

    Hi Trey, I downloaded the trial version of Adjust. So far no problems. I am not quite sure how to pay for it so I have sent 3 emails to Topaz. No response. I left a message on their Facebook page, so far no response. I cannot find any way to contact Eric Yang or anyone else. If you have any pull with these people I could use your help. Thanks

  • Try Ryan Putin ([email protected]). He is very helpful but hasn’t had much success yet as you can see from my post below to Trey. At least you should get a reply within 24 hours but not weekends.

  • Nancy Briechle

    I was interested to read your comment. I too have had problems with Adjust 5.1. I love the program but it crashes a lot shortly after I open it and try to do something with it. I can reopen it and then it usually works ok until I use it on other photos then the same thing happens. I have worked with Ryan and sent quite a few files to him to give to the developers but so far no fix. I continue to use it but am quite frustrated with this apparent but. I think it may have something to do with the reset button as it doesn’t seem to crash if I don’t do reset first- but that doesn’t work well.

  • Hi Nancy. I’m afraid to say that I have had problems with the following Topaz products I have tried. Adjust – (which I purchased and now seems ok, thankfully), Impression (trial) – which only works as ‘stand alone’ (not LR plug-in) and does not work with RAW files so is not much use. Simplify (trial) – which works when it feels like it but crashes often. I have now exchanged about 55 emails with Topaz in which they pose many questions but as yet have provided ZERO answers. They are very polite and I like the products I have used (except Re-style) so I am persevering but am sceptical about buying anything now and I certainly couldn’t recommend Topaz to anyone else.

  • paul eyres

    Hi Trey. You are stuck in Customs. I am stuck without Customer service. Number disconnected and noo response to 5 emails to customer service. I have to disagree with your experience… and there are many more that do also. See BBB and Customer service commentary sites on the web.

  • BadBrainzPhotoz

    The “STUCKINCUSTOMS” coupon does not work at this time, not that $5 means much.
    A number of competent reviewers seem to like Topaz Adjust but from the comments here, some other folks don’t.
    It would be most useful if those with problems had posted their computer type and OS. I noticed the positive reviews I saw were done by reviewers with MAC’s.

  • BadBrainzPhotoz

    James, what type computer do you use? Just curious because some of the tutorials I have watched review ADJUST well but from the comments I see here, some other folks have problems. I have noticed that TOPAZ seems to have more horsepower in the sales department than the support success department from the comments here.

  • BadBrainzPhotoz

    The Creative Cloud currently offered by Adobe gives you Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge for $9.99 a month and the option to do trials on any of their other products. I have seen some good work using just Photomatix and Photoshop but there is a world of software available. regards.

  • BadBrainzPhotoz

    Seems like a lot of software does a thing or two really well but nothing does everything well, jus sayin…

  • BadBrainzPhotoz

    The webinars and my limited experience suggest Adjust is used as a finishing step for photos already processed and wanting final tweeks or to do HDR simulations on single sourced photos.

  • BadBrainzPhotoz

    I don’t mean to butt in, but I see few responses from Trey, Photomatix has a denoise option you can choose before tonemapping. Lightroom and Photoshop also have denoising options. No single sourced photo can produce the HDR results to the degree assembling bracketed photos for HDR will produce but it will produce some interesting results.

  • Hi Bad. It took some while but I am now settled with Adjust and Impression which generally work well. To be honest I don’t know the answers, other than perseverance. It just seems that Topaz have problems with stability in some products. If they work they are good.

  • BadBrainzPhotoz

    Thanx for your reply, I’m just stumbling around, myself. Best Regards, here’s something I shot today in downtown Qingdao, Shandong, China, near where the 2008 Olympic Sailing Events were held.

  • 243/4Bob Carter

    Tried to install my 4 older Topaz plug ins today in Windows 8.1 and Photoshop -CS 5 and the activation codes are not being accepted when I attempt to activate the trial software. so the install is shown as a “30 day trial”. Have spent considerable time with Topaz email customer service (they don’t have a phone number to call with a real person) and their fix (opening PS in administrator mode) has yet to work. Will let you know if I can finally get the activation codes accepted. (Yes, I have downloaded new software from their webside per their instructions).

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  • Battlespeed

    Topaz Glow, Simplify and Adjust all seemed to crash a lot until I added more memory (from 8 GB to 16), which I did for other reasons. Now they all run perfectly.

  • Battlespeed

    Here’s a positive review from someone on Windows 7. The problems I had earlier – mostly, crashing – were solved when I increased my memory from 8 to 16 GB, which I did for other reasons.

  • BadBrainzPhotoz

    Yeah, having tons of memory is especially useful for all photo editing apps. I noticed some positive effects when I went from 16GB to 32 GB on my Mac desktop. I can still remember when it cost $600.00 to upgrade from 4 MB to 8 mb on a Windows 3.1 OS, OMG!

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  • Fred Seaver

    I use 17 of their filters

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