Trey’s Variety Hour

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Live Show Time and Location:

Sample Show

Here’s a little sample of the show…  this one was fun because even Sergey Brin from Google joined us! 🙂

Production Team

  • Thank you to Dave Veffer, my producer!
    • Isaac Elisha Dean

      Good Show!

    • Isaac Elisha Dean
    • Good show. Both entertaining and educating.
      But I really think you should move the microphone out of picture. There are many tricks to achieve high end  sound quality without placing the microphone like this.

    • Logan Runyon

      I am an amateur photographer diving headfirst into photography in hopes along the way that I will gain the experience desired from the photography I take and become a pro. Watching your casual talks on Youtube with new and photographers I am already familiar with from Youtube is educative, and comforting to know that i am heading the right way in strengthening my photography. Going out there and capturing the image and learning along the way is what photography is all about, and I don’t need to know everything to begin doing something great in photography. Thank you for creating great art, Thank you for sharing, Thank you for gathering people together in Hangout, and Thank you for spreading the love. Look forward to more.

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