Photomatix Coupon Code

Photomatix Coupon Code

HDRSoft was nice enough to provide a discount to readers of this site for Photomatix Pro and their other products. Use the code, TREYRATCLIFF, at checkout to save the most money!

I have a complete writeup about the product in the Photomatix Review.

More Info on Photomatix Pro

I have tried many kinds of HDR Software and I sincerely think Photomatix Pro is the best. There is a lot of competition in this space and there are some interesting alternatives. However, the features of Photomatix Pro are the best. Also, one thing I really like is that the company keeps releasing new updates.

I’ve met with many HDR expert photographers and the vast majority of them are lovers of this software like me. It’s easy to use, the UI is very slick, and it’s quite fast. Moreover, I’ve spoken on the phone with the owner of the company and she is very nice. She’s committed to making the best product available, and I appreciate that as a photographer. She reads all feedback and takes all suggestions very seriously.

I have a free how-to guide and HDR Tutorial available here on the site if you want to learn how to use Photomatix Pro.

HDR in Photoshop

If you are interested in finding out more about a comparison between Photomatix Pro and the Photoshop HDR functionality, just follow that link.

Photomatix Pro in Video

This video below is a preview of the 10+ hour series, Complete HDR Tutorial, but it gives you a good look at Photomatix Pro.

Sample Photos using Photomatix Pro

Below, I have put a few photos of both the software being used and some of the results.

High Dynamic Range Tutorial Photo

See the full HDR Tutorial here on the site to see how I use it!

HDR Image

HDR Image

HDR Image

HDR Image

HDR Image

HDR Image

Note: The Photomatix Pro Coupon Code “TREYRATCLIFF works for both the regular and the pro edition of the software. I hope you use it, and you end up making some great HDRs! If you do, please come share them here!

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  • It should work – I just gave it a test for all their products – maybe a momentary fluke?

  • X-to-da-sch

    I tried it today… works for both packages!^^
    Too expensive for me though ;(

  • justin

    I am a P.C. user and was looking at Photomatix website. I was wondering is there any pros or cons for just buying the photomatix plugin for photoshop vs the pro edition.

  • Laura

    Thanks for the coupon code! On 11/15/2009 it still worked!

  • Bob

    Thank you for the coupon. It was still working for the Mac Pro version on 1-29-10

  • Nik

    Hi there, I just want to give you a very VERY very big thanks for introducing me to the world of HDR.. it’s a beautiful world! And yes, the coupon still works as of right now.. on 15 Feb 2010! 🙂



  • 1. Used your coupon – worked flawlessly. BECAUSE of the coupon, I am now marking your website on my favorites list. Great website, and insight. Thank you for what you do…calling it like you see it, and passing on good information.

  • John

    Thanks for the coupon. I produced my first image this morning using the trial pro version of the software and was completely blown away. I’m an instant fan. Thanks again!

  • I just bought it using your coupon code. Thanks!

  • Fhoenix

    I downloaded photomatix pro 3.27 beta, and this coupon dont work. Shall i put ID , any name and the key “StuckInCustoms” ?

  • Danny

    Thank you very much for your web site and the information is very useful for me as a layman on HDR.
    I have tried the trial version of Photomatrix which is quite simple to use unlike other similar software. But I find the outpt JEPG file is less than 1MB size which is relatively small. Is this due to trial version. Normally what would be JEPG file size for the best quality avaliable ?
    I would go through you tutorial before deciding to buy this software.
    Look forward to your reply.

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  • Roy

    Does this work well with Photoshop elements?

  • Thanks all.

    Roy – yes it does… no problemo

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  • The coupon code is good and still works great ! 🙂

  • wael habib

    It is the first time I get on this web site, I would prefer more help in the choice between photomatix pro and the plug in for aperture, I am sure you must have covered it, it is not just apparent to me and I am one of those who have very little time to surf the web before a purchase, Thank you

  • ion

    I just ordered photomatix using the code and it worked fine on 12/28/2010
    Thanks very much.

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  • I have been using PHOTOMATIX since March 2010. It is by far, hands down, the BEST HDR software on the market. Go ahead treat yourself, and see photography through PHOTOMATIX.

  • Jay

    Just purchased the Pro version & the coupon worked for me. 07-04-2011
    Thank You!

  • Kev

    Discount code still works Sept 3rd 2011

  • I have been testing Photomatix for the last few months with several different photos – landscape, street photography, people etc. I really like the results and the software is very user friendly. So I decided to go for it and bought the pro version today.
    Thanks for the coupon, worked fine.

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  • Merci pour le coupon 

  • Ivan Previsdomini

    Grazie mille;))

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    I love the blue one pictures.
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  • it is of great photos

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  • thanks for the coupon. I really love Photomatix software and this is good to have a discount 🙂

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