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Self Portrait in Paris at the Rodin’s Chateau

I don’t really upload many of these do I? I mostly like photos of things other than myself, but this one is kinda both, and I think I would have uploaded even if there was someone else in the shot. I don’t know… I’ve lost all objectivity about certain things, so in the face of absolute confusion, I’ve simply pressed the upload button this Sunday!

Self Portrait in Paris at the Rodin's Chateau

The Hole

At the top of this crumbling ruin at a temple several km from Angkor Wat was this overgrown hole. Hot and moist vegetation seeped down into the lower chamber.

The Hole

Ahhh Italy!

I need to get back to Italy… It’s been too long… I’ve got a lot more places to visit and people to see. I’d love to go out shooting with my good friend Valerio again! Here are a few of my faves from ’round those parts.

The first is from a secret crypt under a church.  The second is Mount Vesuvius from the air.  The third shot across a farm near Pompeii.

Le Crypto

Mount Vesuvius from the Sky

Pompeii Fertile Garden under the Shadow of Vesuvius

Borobudur at High Noon

All of these SE Asian temples are oriented against the poles of the earth and the solar system so you can often get these symmetric shots, although I normally don’t do that sort of thing. This was shot from the top of Borobudur when the sun was burning down at about 100 degrees of hot waves of humid heat. Scaling my way up there through the jungle gloom was tough enough without the added burning factor!

Borobudur at High Noon

A Seagull at Sunset

Shot on the beaches of Los Angeles… a colorful and perfect evening!

This one uses textures from my textures tutorial at this link right here!

The Seagull at Sunset

Wild About Music

This is the coolest music store in the world! It’s called “Wild About Music” and it’s right in the middle of downtown Austin on 6th street. The store has everything on its various levels and I can’t even begin to describe all the memorabilia and music-themed goods inside. Be sure to have a look if you are ever in the neighborhood and you’re a music fan!

You can visit their store directly at this link.

Wild About Music

The Quiet Geyser

In the never-ending sunsets of Iceland, there is this field of geysirs that erupts unpredictably. Unlike Yellowstone, there are no ropes or paths or anything… one wrong step and you are in the center of the earth!

The Quiet Geyser

A Warm Fire by the Pool at the Custom

The LA nights tend to get a little cool, so there is nothing like an open pit fire to take the chill away. This is the hotel I stayed at in LA called the Custom Hotel (Stuck in Custom Hotel? Too easy!). I found it on this cool new boutique hotel site called The site has the tagline “Hotels for Global Nomads”;, and aren’t we all?

It’s right by LAX and surprisingly inexpensive. They have this trendy club and bar (upstairs there) by the pool…

A Warm Fire by the Pool at the Custom

It must be cooler in the Isle of Man

As I went running today and I was drenched in sweat, I was wishing for those frigid ice-pellet in my face days in the Isle of Man. It’s feels like forever since I was there… here are a few of my best from that trip! 🙂

A Night in the Opera House

The Beach at Groudle Glen

Douglas at Dusk

Akbar’s Royal Bathing Chamber

Akbar the Great was quite a guy I am sure. This was shot in his palace near Agra. Most people go to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, but in my estimation, this is a much more exotic and interesting place to explore.

Akbar's Royal Bathing Chamber

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