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Free App - 100 Cameras in 1

We released a FREE iPhone version of 100 Cameras in 1! (iTunes Link). Also, we have released version 1.1 of the iPad version. There are lots of new features and we fixed some of the crash issues too. Thanks again for the 4.5 star average out of 237 ratings! :)

Less than 24 hours remaining for Webinar pricing

The price is about to jump up on the aptly named Trey Ratcliff's Photography Webinar. In less than 24 hours, it goes up to $247, so be sure to grab a spot now. The event starts on Sunday evening, so the time is quickly approaching! This is a live class and if you miss it, you can still download after the event if you are a registered student. We're going to have 9 classes, 9 hours, and a lot of fun. I can't wait to see you there... all you need is an internet connection!

High Dynamic Range Photo

Amazing prizes announced

Over the 9 classes, we'll be giving away thousands of dollars in prizes... this will be great fun too. Here is a selection:
  • A Drobo every class!  (that's a lot of Drobos)
  • Multiple Animoto one-year pro accounts
  • Multiple copies Nik products and HDR Efex Pro
  • Multiple copies of onOne Software
  • Multiple copies of Topaz Adjust and the Full Bundle
  • and other super-secret surprises... I can't show all the cards now!

New Tutorial - 8000 Photos

I released a nice long New Video Tutorial that shows how I made that 80 Days - 8000 Photos video I released a few months ago. I hope you take the idea and run with it next time you have a bunch of photos from a trip!

New Extended Video - Sharing Online

I did another long video interview/discussion entitled and linked Mostly Photo: Sharing Online. It was a great discussion and it included:
  • How to share your photos online (I give some philosophical advice in addition to logistical, practical advise)
  • Pricing your images and selling prints
  • Getting inspiration from other online photographers
  • SmugMug and how I use them  (see my full SmugMug Review here)
  • Memory cards and horror stories  (I use Hoodman, which Leo thought was funny...hehe - but see my Hoodman Review here)

The NASA Shuttle Launch

I've had an amazing and unexpected time at NASA over the past week. I've gotten to see some amazing things, and I've also been frustrated that I didn't get to see all the amazing things I wanted. It's a strange feeling... being both grateful and frustrated at the same time. I think that's okay... I'm kind of at peace with it. Anyway, I've only released one photo so far at The Storm Hits NASA.

I may come back for the actual shuttle launch after the delay... but I can't decide. It would be pretty awesome, and I do have a press pass, so I guess I should use it. I know a lot of YOU would be sore at me if I didn't use this opportunity, and I'd be pretty sore at me too... so I guess I'll do it. Okay it's decided... I'm glad we had this conversation.

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The Best Tweets of the Recent Past

In case you don't follow me on Twitter, then I have assembled some of my most popular tweets below. If you are new to twitter and looking for other good people to follow, see my Great Twitter Lists.

  • Me and Geordi @levarBurton about to go to the shuttle launch pad for #nasatweetup - LINK
  • Here she is, doing some hardcore tweeting on her laptop, the famous @ClareGrant at #NASATweetup - LINK
  • I just checked into the Fawlty Towers hotel... Not kidding.
  • RT @SethGreen It's David vs Goliath but w lenses between @Kiran_ & @TreyRatcliff #NASAtweetup *Thx @Borrowlenses - LINK
  • Here's @SethGreen after learning of the scrub at #NASATweetup ! Workin' on a pic of @ClareGrant next - LINK
  • The Vehicle Assembly Building at @Nasa where they make the rockets is one of the most impressive places I've photographed. #nasatweetup
  • My assistant @scottycentral & I have unpacked all our camera p0rn on the hotel bed for the @NASATweetup - LINK
  • A new set of 4 photos for Burning Man - up now at - LINK
  • Here are 27 Vintage circus poster designs... pretty cool - LINK
  • These baby monkeys are awesome but they would also freak me out :) - LINK
  • Amazing (bootleg) video - I saw this live at @eg AND they just met THE DAY BEFORE!!!! @JakeShimabukuro - LINK
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    The Simplicity of Life

    High Dynamic Range Photo

    Flowers and Carved Stone
    HDR Photo

    The Art Hangar
    HDR Photo

    The Myst Staircase

    High Dynamic Range Photo

    Apple Store, New York
    Apple Store, New York Photo

    High Dynamic Range Photo

    Ghost From the Dungeon

    High Dynamic Range Photo

    Burning Man Alive
    Burning Man Photo

    Hidden Temple in Bamboo at Night

    HDR Photo

    Exploring the Peninsula at Sunrise
    HDR Photo