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New iPad App Available!

See in iTunes Now. We have re-created "100 Cameras in 1" from the ground up for the iPad. It works great on the iPad 1 and the iPad 2. Now you can manipulate your photos full screen, and everything is in hi-res. You'll really get a kick out of all the new features.

For one thing, you'll notice that we have 5 different sliders as well as a "glow" button that will give your image a bit of a magical touch. Also, the side-to-side swiping is super fast with a lot more variety in the effects. If you like, you can open up the adjustments drawer to change the blend modes and adjust the intensity of the various effects. There's a lot more too, but I'll put some stuff below for you to see.

Video of the new iPad app

Come see the video of that Robert Scoble made of the new app. I saw Robert at SXSW in Austin and we sat down for a quick talk. There's a lot more to the app of course, but you'll get a quick preview there.

High Dynamic Range Photography

Screenshots of the App

Below are a few shots of "100 Cameras in 1 for iPad" (iTunes Link) in action. Enjoy!

High Dynamic Range Photography

High Dynamic Range Photography

High Dynamic Range Photography

High Dynamic Range Photography

Charity Update

Thanks again for everyone that participated in the charity auction of my Kyoto print. The final winner grabbed it for just over $1,500. All the money went to Japan for earthquake relief. Thanks again!

Video of the World's Biggest PhotoWalk

Come see the video of the amazing PhotoWalk in Austin. It was a lot of fun. I've had people say they think we had even more in London, but we didn't do an official count for the world record... but we did this time, and got #1. If you've never seen a photowalk before, the video will give you a pretty good idea.

New Video: The Art and Business of HDR Photography

A new video for you! I did a rather long video interview with the guys at PhotoNetCast. They asked a lot of business-type questions, and we talked frankly about so many things. You may enjoy if this is an interest area of yours. See the The Art and Business of HDR Photography. We discussed:
  • Micro stock photography and how this is basically slave labor
  • Employees and the team at Stuck In Customs and how we operate
  • Getty Images and how it's highway robbery
  • How photography and making money can put unnecessary stress on relationships
  • HDR photography and how the brain experiences it
  • The future of photography in terms if HDR
  • How long it takes me to process photos

Nine Things for your Photo Brain to Consider

I did an exclusive piece for My Modern Met called "Nine Things for your Photo Brain to Consider." There's some new stuff in there you may never have thought about. I hope it helps your artistic journey!

Free HDR Tutorial now in Italian!

More languages all the time! Now we have Italian too!

TWIP Interview

I recently did a This Week in Photography Interview. We talked about:
  • Licensing photos and how Getty is a dinosaur
  • and self-publishing eBooks versus traditional publishing
  • The crowded market of camera apps

Seven HDR Tips for you

I did a week's worth of HDR Tips. I think you'll find these to be nice, practical, and actionable tips. I hope they help!

Did you miss the HDR How-To?

I mentioned this in the last newsletter, but maybe you missed it! It is worth mentioning again because it had a pretty cool How-To part of the podcast that you will enjoy. Go see the Beta of Leo and Lisa's new photography show. Enjoy!

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The Best Tweets of the Recent Past

In case you don't follow me on Twitter, then I have assembled some of my most popular tweets below. If you are new to twitter and looking for other good people to follow, see my Great Twitter Lists.

  • This is Sparta !!!! - LINK
  • A steam-powered Imperial Walker from the 1930's: - LINK
  • Amazing old photo (1946) of an old photo shoot. See this: Michael Nash - Varsovie - LINK
  • RT @abduzeedo: Levitating Self-Portraits by Natsumi Hayashi via @AoiroStudio - LINK
  • My visit to Chernobyl... story and pics... - LINK
  • This seal is pissed off and has a taste for human blood. - LINK
  • With great f-stop comes great responsibility.
  • Photo: Darth Vader takes his dog for a walk: - LINK
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    The Sanctum of The Santa María del Mar Cathedral
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    The Terminal, Beijing
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    On Golden Borg
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    Crossing Tower Bridge in the Rain
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    The Shaft, Barcelona
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    Where They Dry the Fish, Iceland
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    At Burning Man
    Burning Man Photos

    The Infinite Stairs to the Oubliette
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    The London Eye
    London Eye High Dynamic Range Photo

    Girl in Japan
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    Barcelona Airport

    Barcelona Airport

    Roman Baths in Nimes
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    The Lights of Japan
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    The Teleporters
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    Japanese Girl with Mask
    High Dynamic Range Photo

    The Soft Hills on the way to Paradise, New Zealand
    High Dynamic Range Photography

    Flying Through the Night Skies of Kuala Lumpur
    High Dynamic Range Photography