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London Workshop Registration at 10 AM, UK Time, on Monday, August 2.

Everything is finalized. Get your browsers ready to register! The Austin one sold out in 11 minutes, so if you are serious, mark this down in your calendar!

Registration Date and Time: Monday, Aug 2. 10 AM London Time (5 AM EST, 2 AM EST)

Registration Location:

Workshop Levels: Beginner to Advanced

Workshop Date and Time: Sep 11 and 12 (Saturday and Sunday). 9 AM till 5 PM each day.

We will have more information about the workshop and everything on the HDR Workshop page soon.

Free PhotoWalk in London - Join Us!

On Friday, Sep 10th, the day before the Workshop, we'll be having a free sunset PhotoWalk. All of you are welcome to attend! Stay tuned to for the latest on the location and time. There is no charge, and usually after the event, we all go to some place for a drink / coffee / snack... it will give us more hang-out time. I hope you can make it!

New eBook - Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing and How to Fix Them

We released a new eBook recently called Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing and How to Fix Them". These are PDF eBooks, and they are easy to purchase and download. As always, we have a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not super-happy. You can read it on your iPad too and add to your iBook shelf simply by emailing the PDF to yourself!

This eBook should save you countless hours of pain and frustration. I wish I had this back in the day. Sometimes I feel like it's my mission to save the world from bad HDRs! Join me in this timeless quest! :)

Video Interview with Cylde Aspevig

Many of you know that I am quite influenced by Impressionist painters. I've gotten to be friends with a modern-day reincarnation of the masters named Clyde Aspevig. Recently spending a few days with him, I decided to make a little documentary video. You can watch the video here. Enjoy!

New iPad Wallpapers!

We have released a new batch of iPad Wallpapers! You will love them! Even better, if you missed the first time around, we now have a "Super Pack" that contains all of them plus some bonus wallpapers.

Also included now for free are "Blurry" versions of each wallpaper. These look really amazing on the "Home Screen", and your icons will float on top... it is a very nice effect. I put some samples below.

New Review, the Nikon 200-400

This is a beast of a lens! I recently used it while in Yellowstone, and I have a short review. It's not normally a landscape lens, but I did my best to use it to that effect. See the Nikon 200-400 Review for more!

I appear to be holding this lens effortlessly.  But I am not.

It's almost impossible to get this kind of compression with a wide-angle lens

When is this "Amazing" HDR DVD coming?

Soooooooooon !!

Comparing HDR in Photoshop CS5 to Photomatix 4.0

There was a lot of chatter about the new Photoshop CS5 "Merge to HDR Pro" functionality. I was excited to try it, but I found it came up a bit short. I wanted to put some hard numbers and comparisons around it, so I wrote up a comparison. See it at the Photomatix Pro 4.0 vs. Photoshop CS5 Merge to HDR Pro article.

Japanese Video on YouTube

The latest Japanese "Stuck in Motion" video was very popular. Did you miss it? It's now up on YouTube for you to enjoy. See the video here.

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  • New Photos from the past month

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