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Mark Nason Bag Review

I’ve found the ultimate leather laptop bag!  I love this thing!

Why It’s Cool:

Well, look at it!

Also, besides just the awesome way it looks, it’s also very functional.

  • Big enough for my 17″ Macbook Pro laptop and an iPad
  • Room for my plugs, papers, and all sorts of other stuff (it’s a standard-sized laptop bag)
  • 3 zipper areas including a big one on the back
  • A laptop separation-area inside
  • A big pocket up front for more cables, sunglasses, or a small gun
  • A second side-pocket for a cell phone or smallish fine-ladies’ gun
  • Giant magnetic buckles on the front that keep everything snug
  • Comfy, adjustable leather strap

Things You May Not Like

  • Even though I am a photographer, I don’t use this to carry serious camera stuff. But I do carry around little pro-sumer cameras that are convenient
  • It only has 3 zipper sections.  So if you are one of those people that puts a ton of stuff into your laptop bag, it may not be fore you.
  • It’s expensive.  But, you know… imagine you are a woman that has fallen in love with a pair of boots or something… and all reason flies right out the window.

Mark Nason Bag Images

Mark Nason Bag Photo

One thing this image doesn't portray is how soft this thing is. It is like a soft cuddly cow crawled up and died on your lap.

Mark Nason Bag Photo

There are nice details and patterns inside and outside of the folds

Mark Nason Bag Photo

This pouch on the outside is too small for most of my guns, but it does fit a ziplock full of pork and beans for those lonely nights on the range.

Mark Nason Bag Photo

This side pocket is pretty handy too for your mobile phone or 18th-century Western iPod

Mark Nason Bag Photo

Soft pockets inside to hold some of your junk... but not so many pockets so you can't remember where you put that damned thing you are looking for

The bag is big enough for me to fit my 17" Macbook Pro. It's not big enough to also hold my camera equipment, but... that's not what I use it for

Mark Nason Bag Photo[/capt

  • Gorgeous laptop bag indeed but it no longer seem to be on the market. The link is broken or rather ‘Item is not found”

    Anyhow thanks for those great HDR tuts and photos tips! Very helpful and fun to read.


  • Daniel Knezha

    Why am I not surprised your wife has such good taste! They have them at Neiman Markus for around $800.

  • heather doute

    This is the site you need to check out for your gear. They give a lifetime warranty on their leather. I’m getting my bag from here this summer. http://www.saddlebackleather.com/ Their bags will take brutal punishment and come back for more, especially with your travels and travails.

    Longtime Fan
    Heather Doute

  • Frank N

    Thanks for the help…I thought I would add,I contacted Mark Nason and many many retailers and Nieman Marcus is the only one selling this bag…and there picture sucks! I wanted to see more details and your post/blog answered all my questions better then a customer service rep..thanks for all the help,mine is on the way…if I see someone with this bag,I will assume its you…lol…say hi if you see me…

  • It’s an awesome satchel!!!! I love it. I just got a messenger bag that I use for my iPad 2 in the otter box but I can’t find just the right organizer for the pens. On the lookout.

  • Gretchen H

    I am salivating & drooling & green w/ envy! LOVE your bag! Have done a search and cannot find it. Alas, must satisfy myself with your pictures of yours.

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