HDR Tip 7 – Tips from the Clubhouse

Trey’s Note: this is part of a week-long HDR Tip session with Rick Sammon.  If you want to find out more, feel free to see the free HDR Tutorial or the more in-depth HDR Tutorial on Video.

We have an area of StuckInCustoms.com called The Clubhouse (people that get the video above get access) — I asked members in there to add their favorite short tips, and here they are a few:

Alex Suarez “When shooting from a tripod, I like to hang my camera bag from the center column. Adding this extra weight firmly plants my tripod, further reducing the chance of camera shake.”

Marc (marcp_dmoz) – “If you are shooting in low light conditions and you can’t use a tripod, switch ‘Auto ISO Sensitivity Control’ on when bracketing for HDR.”

Eden Brackstone“Never process your shots the same day you take them, allow your creative energy to build up and apply it when you will get the best results. Then, wait some more and revisit it. Ultimately, a late and well processed image is more valuable than a rushed one that you regret…”

And here is my last tip: “Practice RAW HDR processing a lot… there are countless moments that just don’t happen in brackets (like the photo below)”

Did you miss the other tips?  Here they are, listed out:

High Dynamic Range Photo

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  • John

    You win Trey, not only better tips but a better ‘feel’. I waited to the end of the week so I only had to read Sammon’s site once. Why? Because he can’t say two words without inserting “my” or “I” or trying to sell a product. You’re good enough and respected enough that people come to you willingly. On top of that, you made sure to refer to HIM in every tip. Rick is trying to jam his stuff down my throat….and I ain’t buying.

  • Excellent series of tips this week, great work all!

  • george g

    Trey, Great tips. Thanks. I was at the San Diego Photoshop users group on Saturday. Ken Sklute, a photographer I greatly admire, (although he’s a Canon person) talked about a new gadget he is using for HDR. It’s by Promote System, and is a remote control, that, among other things, let you set the bracketing of you SLR to any number of brackets you want, remotely. Have you checked out? I already ordered on from Adorama for $298.99 since I repect Ken Sklute, but you value your opinion.

  • An excellent collection of tips this week, Trey and Rick. Thanks!

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