Charity – Help Fight Cancer or Join Kiva and Team Stuck In Customs!

Here are a couple of great causes that we would love you to help with. The first is quite personal to me and the second, something I’ve really enjoyed participating in over the past few years.

Charity 1: The Healing NET Foundation

This one is kind of a big one, and my wife and I decided to share it together to help raise money for her cancer doctor’s charity that is directly related to her whole situation.

The short version of the story is that Tina was recently diagnosed with an unusual form of cancer — the same kind Steve Jobs had. Bad news, to say the least. It struck us especially hard because of our three young kids. It was probably harder on me than I wanted to admit, but our focus was of course on figuring out how to get Tina better. The exact diagnosis was Neuroendocrine Cancer and they found malignant tumors on her pancreas and liver. Super bad news. Having said that, the more recent progress has been positive and you can read more about that here but we’d love you to get involved in the campaign below.

The charity I’m supporting here is the one for my wife that was created by her cancer doctor, Dr. Eric Liu. It’s called The Healing NET Foundation.

Charity 2: Kiva

Come join Team Stuck In Customs! It’s a great way to intelligently move money and resources around the world.

Amazing job Team! Here’s a screenshot of just some of our global impact!

Posted here

And here’s a very old video I made many years ago for Kiva!


The Greatness of Kiva

I have lent money to a small potato farm in Peru started by a 25-year-old mom named Elizabeth, a bicycle repair shop in Vietnam managed by a gal named Nguyen Thi Huong, a car mechanic’s shop in Lebanon run by a gentleman named Ali, an 18-year-old girl named Iris in El Salvador that sells pretty flowers, a small livestock operation in Tajikistan run by a 47 year old gentleman named Tochidin,
a family of 7 in Cambodia that does wooden house construction, a 39-year-old photographer in Mongolia named Batnairamdal who took a bad photo of himself, a small meat market in Ghana run by a 70 year old woman named Ama, a mom named Essi in Togo who sells dried fish, a 24-year-old gal in Ecuador named Cristina who sells rice, sugar, and tuna, and last, a 41-year-old woman in Nicaragua named Gladis who sells cosmetics and jewelry so her children can have a better quality of life. I do these things because I believe in capitalism and free trade more than government.

As a strong libertarian, I believe the government typically creates more problems than it solves. Their intent is often to help people, but it rarely does a good job of it. What really helps people is other people, freedom, free trade, cooperation and competition.

I believe that a good small business creates wealth. For example, the Elizabeth in Peru buys seeds and small plots of land to produce potatoes. By the time the potatoes have grown, they are worth more than the seeds and the time-cost of the land. Everyone becomes wealthier, happier, and more healthy because of this. So, in this case, money really can buy happiness!

I recommend a book called “Free to Choose” by Milton Friedman. If you’d like to find out more about this sort of thing from this Nobel-Prize winning economist in a very easy-to-read book, I highly recommend it.

If you would like to do the same thing, you can put in as little as $25 to They are a great organization! You can donate easily via PayPal and you get regular updates as you are repaid. So far, I’m getting repaid at a steady click, so I have NO DOUBT about the system they have in place.

  • Peter Scrimshaw

    What a fantastic idea, to lend a helping hand to others that are doing all they can to get themselves out of poverty!

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  • This is great! I’m in.

  • Frank Kehren

    There is an interesting article in NYT about what KIVA does – and more interesting about what it doesn’t do:

  • Yes – I’ve seen that. I know that there are micro-finance organizations that distribute the loans and collect the interest. That doesn’t bother me one bit. I never expected that these entrepreneurs in Ghana would walk up to a Kiva ATM and just get money out $25 at a time.

    Kiva has developed and manages the entire system, and I think that is great.

  • Bitguide

    I pre-orderd a book from a guy in Austin and just funded a dairy guy in Mongolia. Capatialism looking good.

    So now i’m wondering what happens if you capture some of these
    Kiva enterpris’s images during your travels?

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  • Hi Trey. I am so glad to see other fellow photographers like you donating to Kiva. You are changing lives. I myself have made over 80 Kiva loans and hope to reach 1000 before I kick the bucket! I have created a lending team
    We presently have just 4 members and are looking for more. If you are a photographer or love photography please consider joining won’t you. Loans that change lives – jimmy brown

  • Way to go, Trey. I love this. KIVA is a great org. Have you read Banker To The Poor? Fantastic book about Grameen Bank and the micro-credit movement. Keep it up!

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  • It is nice to help others,that is if you are not profiteering from it or how much you are giving them. Jesus said this poor widow dropped in more than all those dropping money into the treasury chests for they all dropped in out of their surplus. Remember the pedestal. Your words state,I lent the following people money!!!! Are you then going to ask for it back.We all enjoy your work but some not all read haughtiness between the lines.Give from the heart not from the mouth,as nice a person you might be there is a lot of improvement we can make,meaning I’m not counting myself out.
    Hope you keep your shirt on and are able to take some criticism.

  • Keep up the good work i don’t favour governments either

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  • Excellent Trey!
    Happy to be part of the team!

    Best wishes for you and your loved ones too, and a happy creative year!

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  • hi my name is ousmane 24 years of age and i live in lookind for a financial help because i want to fun a personal businees and the i want to open a shop.the job im doing is a volunteery.its called Teen Bi and we train life is very hard im living by myself and really wanna do something to help myself.please i need you support:

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  • I already belong and support through Kiva. I have for years. The other two charities I fully support is the Wounded Warrior project as I had a son come home one and the Box who helps rural families right here in America.

  • When one sights task at palm, need to accept your a conclusion. You understandably show knowledge about this subject and i’ve much to discover considering your publish. Many salutations and i’ll be for any more revisions.

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  • Well done, Trey. Good man.

    The shot you’ve just posted on Fb of the three girls is compelling.

    Great work.

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  • Eduardo A. Arroyo Morganti

    Trey what do you think about the new Sony alpha 6000? Curious about your thoughts..

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  • treyratcliff

    will write a review on that! 🙂

  • Fred Mellink

    Hi Trey,

    W.r.t to charity you might like to read my charity website: 🙂 We invest in 4 young lives, children who live in poverty but get release for it via Compassion. You can meet the children on my site.

  • Jerry Gammon

    Do you have a tutorial on AEB in the A7r? I have read your comments about wanting Sony to make it easier.

  • I do… somewhere on one of my youtube videos — will have to find it! 🙂

  • Mrunal Gawade

    Please check out my (Mrunal Gawade) photo-book “The world collage” campaign on indiegogo Raised ($2257,81 backers, 7 days, 23% funded ).

    I am a scientist / artist currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I am trying to scale now, as my own network is drying. Spread if you like it.

    The book juxtaposes 142 photo stories of cultures, cities, architectures, landscapes across Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. Please contribute, share, and spread the word in your friends.

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