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New Video for 100 Cameras in 1

I put together a new video that shows off some fun ways to use “100 Cameras in 1” for the iPad. There’s a lot to it, and many tricks you might enjoy seeing. We recently put out a 1.1 version, and we included this video inside the app itself to help give people some fresh ideas for using the app.

Over there on the right, you can see my human finger on top of one of the images I’m working on…

David Pogue from the New York Times recently had great things to say about the iPhone version, but he’s never tried this iPad version… When I met him at NASA, I told him to give it a run, but I haven’t heard back… and when I think about the warm chocolate we ate slowly… it makes me sad. …and speaking of chocolate…

Daily Photo – The Chocolate Shoppe

Some regulars know that I’m into gourmet chocolate. This is both good and bad because sometimes when I show up to events, people bring me chocolate from all over the world! And then, I get back to my hotel room, and I’m heavily laden with chocolate… and then the post-midnight haze sets in while I’m editing photos, and I start thinking, “Hmmm, I wonder what that 37% cocoa from Liberia tastes like…” And then it’s a very slippery slope.

Here’s another that I processed the other evening while people looked on… This is a chocolate shop in London that I found by accident called the Rabot Estate. I bought a lot of stuff here, and it didn’t last very long. I also had a very nice cup of drinking chocolate while flipping through some chocolate books in the back. I found out there is a chocolate resort somewhere in the Caribbean.. it’s like a regular Caribbean resort that also happens to be on a cocoa plantation. SIGN ME UP.

(EDIT – Thanks to M in TX in the comments below, you can see details on the Hotel Chocolat in St. Lucia here)

The Chocolate Shoppe Some regulars know that I'm into gourmet chocolate.  This is both good and bad because sometimes when I show up to events, people bring me chocolate from all over the world!  And then, I get back to my hotel room, and I'm heavily laden with chocolate... and then the post-midnight haze sets in while I'm editing photos, and I start thinking, "Hmmm, I wonder what that 37% cocoa from Liberia tastes like..."  And then it's a very slippery slope.Here's another that I processed the other evening while people looked on...  This is a chocolate shop in London that I found by accident called the Rabot Estate.  I bought a lot of stuff here, and it didn't last very long.  I also had a very nice cup of drinking chocolate while flipping through some chocolate books in the back.  I found out there is a chocolate resort somewhere in the Caribbean.. it's like a regular Caribbean resort that also happens to be on a cocoa plantation.  SIGN ME UP. - Trey Ratcliff Read more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Ghost from the Dungeon

New Tutorial Wednesday!

On Wednesday, I’ll post a new tutorial video I did… I worked on it during the weekend, and I hope it gives you some good ideas to mimic or modify as you see fit!

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Remember to pop over to and fill out that email newsletter thing for a free eBook.  I say this so that you will know later this week when I release a little upgrade to an older eBook.  I’ve been working on this too… it’s pretty cool.

Daily Photo – Ghost from the Dungeon

I was walking along the Thames river in London, following up on a lead that a reader told me about. There was supposed to be some cool hidden underground area that you can access from underneath one of the bridges that crosses the river. I never found it, but I did come across this place. Maybe you have seen it before if you are a local? If so, maybe you shouldn’t ruin it for the other readers… let them uncover it on their own. Also, if you say what it is, it may ruin the nice mystery of it all, yes? Yes I’m sure since we both know what it is…

High Dynamic Range Photo

Photography Webinar Announcement!

Photoshop CS5 Giveaway – Leave Comment to Win

I have an extra copy of CS5 Extended (still wrapped in box) I’m giving away. Who wants it? Just leave a comment to win – I’ll pick a random person in 72 hours! Tell your friends, tweet it out, tell your mates on Facebook… this will be fun!

What’s in the Webinar? And Prizes Announced!

It starts in just a few weeks, so I made this quick video to talk more about it. Visit the Webinar page to get all the details.

Join the Early Signup Group (limited time)
Visit the Webinar page to sign up and grab one of these early spots.

Also come and see some cool before & after photos by one of the previous students… you’ll get a good idea of the progress you can make.

If you want to give me your opinion and feedback on what you want to learn in the webinar take my little three-question survey.

Amazing prizes announced

Over the 9 classes, we’ll be giving away thousands of dollars in prizes… this will be great fun too. Here is a selection:

  • A Drobo every class!  (that’s a lot of Drobos)
  • Multiple Animoto one-year pro accounts
  • Multiple copies of onOne Software
  • Multiple copies of Topaz Adjust and the Full Bundle
  • and other super-secret surprises… I can’t show all the cards now!

Daily Photo – Spiralstorm

This beautiful staircase was found in a small cloister while I was about to exit St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. I took some extra time while I was over there for the workshop to explore places like this. There were only a few days extra, but I tried to make the most of it.

I got shut down a few times while in the proper part of the cathedral, but I did manage to get a few shots in. As for this area, it was wide open and no one said anything. I always feel more comfy when I am not rushed and have time to set everything up! In this case, I used a 14-24 lens. I get asked a lot if I use filters on my lens — but I do not. I don’t even know if you can get a filter that fits this bulbous wide angle.

High Dynamic Range Photo

The Art Hangar

The Tobolowsky Files

So, while at EG, the very first speaker was Stephen Tobolowsky. He was hilarious, and, to my surprise, he told a long story that centered around Icelandic Horses. I talked to him later when we ran into one another at coffee, and he was super-nice. And no, he wasn’t the one I referred to early in the Matt Groening post. They are both nice in an unassuming Hollywood-way, and that is cool in my book.

I just found out that he has a podcast called “The Tobolowsky Files” that you might enjoy if you have a giant gap in your life and you have no idea how to fill it.

Icelandic Horse Photos

Speaking of Icelandic Horses, here are my favorite Icelandic Horse Photos:

Daily Photo – The Art Hangar

The Millennium Bridge crosses the Thames and terminates here, at the Tate Museum. They don’t like you to take photos in here. Heaven forbid someone should make art in a museum.

I mean really… isn’t it insulting? Who runs the committee at the Tate that decides, “Oh, we mustn’t let people take photos in this part of the museum. They might be making art! What possible reason would they have? Quite nefarious, no doubt!”

Anyway, I find it insulting how these museums treat me like a child. I hope they secretly have somewhat empty lives… and perhaps when they are in some ultra-modern part of the museum and prattling on about the hidden meaning of clump of steel and fluff… that they secretly know they are just spouting a bunch of nonsense in a grandiose effort to placate other fakers around them.

HDR Photo

The London Eye

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If you go over to and sign up on the right hand side, you get a free eBook called “10 Principles of Beautiful Photography.” I added a little bit more to the end of this book… as a bit of a bonus.

Share your Austin PhotoWalk Photos!

Be sure to put your favorite shots in the Austin SXSW PhotoWalk group! I’ll post mine as soon as I get a chance to process ’em ! Amazing prizes — will list them out soon. The judges (not me) will be picking out about 20 or so of the most interesting to win prizes.

Daily Photo – The London Eye

I took this on the last PhotoWalk in London, so it’s about time I post it! I won’t be able to process the Austin ones for a bit… this is a busy time for me… you’ll have to forgive me!

Half of the fun of the PhotoWalk is people posting and sharing photos after the event. Even though everyone is taking photos of the same stuff, it is cool to see so many different perspectives. I’m pretty sure we all took photos of the London Eye on that evening, and this is the one that I made.

London Eye High Dynamic Range Photo

Crossing Tower Bridge in the Rain

Now Starring You

When I was out in California recently, I met Om Malik, the guy behind I didn’t really know what to expect. I got the vibe that he was either a long-time fan or a new one…either way, he could not have been nicer. And, of course, I was a fan of his too, since I’m a tech-news junkie. Anyhoo, we talked about all sorts of things, and he ended up writing a story called “Now Starring You in a Movie About You“.
High Dynamic Range Photo
While I was there in SF, I ended up stringing a bunch of little meetings together. A few hours later, I was still at Om’s secret hideout coffee-shop, and Frederick Van from This Week in Photo came over to get me on video (will be posted soon). While we were recording the video out in the little garden area, Om came right back out with another one of his tech paramours and sat at the table beside us. He has a knowing nod and wry smile that kind of sets you at ease…

HDR Tip #7 – the Last One

Today’s final one is Tips from the Clubhouse in my contribution to the week of HDR Tips with Rick Sammon. We have a private area here of StuckInCustoms that people get access too when they get the HDR Tutorial on Video. I asked them for some of their thoughts, and got some good ones back!

Did you miss the other tips?  Here they are, listed out:

Daily Photo – Crossing Tower Bridge in the Rain

My bulbous 14-24 lens is a problem in the rain! If you haven’t seen the Nikon 14-24 (see my Nikon 14-24 Review) before, then most people think it is a fish-eye lens, but it isn’t. The apex of the glass juts out almost just beyond the tiny bayonet, and it seems to suck rain drops into it! I’m always wiping down that dang thing.

But… here’s another little hint. That lens can shoot at F/2.8. That means you can focus on infinity for most of your landscape shots, and you’ll only see a few, if any, raindrops that form on the lens. It’s a very nifty trick! And, with a wide-angle lens, infinity ain’t that far away.

High Dynamic Range Photo


Vote on your favorite icon!

We’re working hard on the next version (with many surprise features) of 100 Cameras in 1 (iTunes link).

So, which of these four new icons do you like the best? I’m interested in your opinion! 🙂

High Dynamic Range Photography

See you on Thursday!

I’ve just gotten into Carmel after a long day of taking photos off Hwy 1. It was a good day! And soon, I’m getting to San Jose to give this talk at Adobe. It’s a free event… The talk is on Feb 24 at 1 PM PDT in the Park Auditorium at 345 Park Ave in San Jose. Below is a preview of the first slide! 🙂

Trey Adobe

Daily Photo – Underlondon

After a day of “working hard” by meandering all over London to take photos, we ended up here at this cool restaurant. I’m sure some of our clever UK readers know exactly which one it is!

It was one of those places where you walk in and see 30 different kinds of bread. So then, there is no choice left, and you simply have to get bread. I can sometimes have good bread-willpower, but not when I am presented with so many choices. It’s sort of like peer-pressure… and every one of those different kinds of bread is a sentient being, beckoning me to eat em up.

High Dynamic Range Photography

Business in London

Great Work at HDR Spotting

I started HDR Spotting last year to drive more attention to other HDR Artists out there. Whenever you click on a photo, it will take you to that artist’s website, portfolio, or wherever they wish. In the very beginning, to get it started, I put my own work on there, but I don’t any more since it has a vibrant life of its own now.

The site is still in beta as we add features, but there are still invites floating around out there. Be sure to go check out some stuff on the HDR Spotting main site or the Editor’s Picks. You guys should note that I am not the editor…hehe… We do cycle new editors in all the time and I hear it’s time for another crop to rotate in.

Daily Photo – Business in London

Walking along one side of the Thames after visiting some museums brought us to this business district. There was a misty rain for most of the day, so it set down a nice sheen of reflection. There’s a tiny water canal that runs through the center here, and the line leads right to the Tower Bridge (thx for edits in comments!), which you can see in the distance.

High Dynamic Range Photo

HDR Tutorial in French

HDR Tutorial now in French

A big thank you to Sylvain Montreuil for the French translation!

The International HDR Tutorial!

Daily Photo – Sunday Brunch in London

I don’t know London very well at all. I can’t ever decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just a thing, I suppose. And it’s neither nor.

While walking through the streets you come across places that you should probably know what they are. Or maybe you see a charming old pub and you just assume that it’s quite famous. But I don’t know. I can’t tell one thing from the next…

But I did see this little restaurant one morning. The outside was covered in ivy and flowers, and this old couple was sitting outside on the bench. I don’t know why I set up for a picture… it was both mundane and not.

High Dynamic Range Photo

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

Join me Live Today at 4 PM CST

I’ll be on PhotoNetCast Live today with Dave Wilson and Antonio Marques at 4 PM CST.  That’s 2 PM PT, and all other sorts of times whereever you happen to be.  Just click on that link around that time, and you’ll be in good shape!

Daily Photo – Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

Ever heard of this guy? He wrote plays or something like that?

Now, this is not the original theater, but it is a fully operational new version of it, located right beside the Thames in Central London. I was lucky enough to get a private tour of the facility and it was really cool, as you can see. Everything appears to be pretty authentic, from the thatched roof to the multiple view levels. In fact, it’s exactly how I remember it from Civilization.

The guy that was showing us around said that, after it was first constructed, that veteran British actors scoffed at it, thinking it was more of a tourist attraction than a serious place to act. But that sentiment has changed in recent years, with more and more big names coming to act out the classics. I didn’t get to stay around for a performance, but I think it would have been pretty impressive… the space is very tiny and intimate. And even though it’s a replica and “pretend”, that’s all acting is anyway… so I think everyone could easily get caught up in the moment of it all.

High Dynamic Range Photo

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