Benevius Throckmorton the Fourth

I often use an outrageous photographer persona when trying to gain access to places I am not allowed, and that persona is super-bad-British-accent Benevius Throckmorton the Fourth, the National Geographic photographer who is too aloof to carry proper documentation and too aghast to understand why anyone would ask for such a thing.

You would be amazed that this persona has worked 100% of the time, and I get to take my camera into places where photographers are not normally allowed. The best place I infiltrated was the impervious Altar of the Duomo in Milan.
Below is a famous restaurant in Amsterdam that Benevius was allowed to photograph. This first picture is taken in an underground area where they keep all sorts of mysterious wines and meads that have been fermenting since the Renaissance. The second picture has some original Rembrandt sketches right above your dinner table.
Bitter Koekies

Restaurant of Rembrandt

Holland Town Hall

These two were taken at the town hall in Haarlem in the Netherlands.

Town Hall


Delicate Organ Paintings

Here is a really cool church I found in Amsterdam that had very nice paintings on the organ cover. You have to zoom in to see the Large version to see the detailed work.

Delicate Painting in the Church

Trip to Haarlem

Here are a few images from my trip to Haarlem. This first one comes from Amsterdam and it is where you can see about 10,000 bikes parked at the train station.

I Forgot Where I Parked

The Rose Garden Path

Holland Farmhouse

Kinetic Energy

I found this little girl concentrating hard on a chess match. She was embroiled in a match with about 25 other people all playing against a single Dutch champion that would run from table to table and play them all simultaneously.

Kinetic Energy

The Aged Jockey

I found this guy in a busy crowd in the middle of Amsterdam. There were a bunch of soccer hooligans running around Dam Square, and he was watching in eager anticipation, probably hoping a horse race would break out.

The Aged Jockey

Nine Exposure Windmill

This photo came out very strange but I dig it.

The Breeze at Sunset

Buildings of Holland

Here are two very different structures from Holland.

Hobbit Bridge

Purple Cube

Gift Shoppe of Mystery

This is a very strange picture because of that strange art that is embedded on the left side of the picture. It was even more strange to stare at in person. I actually felt strange walking up to it and peering around to figure out what was going on.

Gift Shoppe of Mystery

Holland Reflected

Here are a night and day night of various parts of the Netherlands. One is reflected off glass and the other off the water.

Shiny Night

Vertical Glass

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