Approaching the Altar

This was a five-exposure HDR from inside this Holland church at around 12mm.

Approaching the Altar

The Organ – One of the most ornate in Europe

Every beautiful church in Europe has organs that are somewhere between fantasy and reality, but this one in Amsterdam really grabbed my attention.  Plus, the afternoon light was just right to get the details and the contrast.

The Organ

Amsterdam Homes and a Little Pot Shop

This is one of the main canals by the train station. All the little homes lean in different directions, with most of them leaning out over the canal from a slow sink over the years.

Right in the middle is a tiny pot shop, where you can hang out and not care so much about your home leaning over the canal.

Amsterdam Homes and a Little Pot Shop

Grampa was never what people called good-looking

I found this fella in a back alley in Amsterdam.

Grampa was never what people would call good-looking

Shopping in Amsterdam

I thought this was a very cool shopping mall, so I got up in the middle and took a vertical HDR.  The security guard came over and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was an American doing HDR, and then he just walked away.

Shopping in Amsterdam

Shattered in Holland

I found this in an old church in Amsterdam. I thought it was very strange but cool, and I new the HDR technique would add a very interesting and surreal touch to this unique find. I don’t know… maybe people will hate this one, but I find it a mesmerizing take on the old “puddle reflection” shot.


Graves of Oude Kerk

Oude Kerk is a huge and beautiful church that is right in the middle of Amsterdam’s red light district.  The entire floor of the church is lined with graves, covered with heavy and stone engraved slabs over the last several hundred years.  It’s hard to describe exactly how many graves line the floor, but I have tried to do so with this angle and lens.

Easter Graves of Oude Kerk

The Altar

Here is the grandiose altar of the same church I featured a few days ago in a different photograph. There are some really nice details throughout the little bits and pieces in this shot. If you have a big monitor and a fast connection, click here to see the original size.

The Altar

Obsidian Balustrades – a church in Amsterdam

I really like the black moody walls of the interior of this Amsterdam church. I am not sure I was supposed to take pictures in there. They said no… but then, I argued, “But this is HDR!” … a retort to which they had no reply.

Below that picture, I posted another one from a different church there in Holland that I thought was very cool also. The light really hit the shiny tiles nicely.

Obsidian Balustrades

Golden Room

All That is Holy – Amsterdam in HDR

I will take a break from posting Iceland pictures while I go out today exploring in the wiles of geysers and earth-turned-inside-out to bring you this shot from Amsterdam.

Will got very tired of carrying my tripod, and he claimed to be tired after standing all day at the game conference. I told him just to be quiet because he was in the house of God and God didn’t want to hear his blasphemous belly-aching.

This shot below looks great, with amazing details, in this large on black version.

All That is Holy

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